Get your car ready now for storm season

Australian drivers should act now to ensure their cars are ready…

Get your car ready now for storm season

There is nothing more Australian than a stinking hot day and then a cracking thunderstorm.

In the lead up to the storm season, now is the best time to ensure that your car is as ready as possible for the worst of what nature can throw at you.

Being prepared for strong winds, pelting rain, hail and poor visibility can ensure you weather any storms as easily and safely as possible.

Storm season car safety/preparation tips:

  • Ensure your vehicles lights are all functioning correctly and that the bulbs and lenses are clean. Properly functioning lights will not only help you see, but also be seen by other road users.
  • Windscreen wipers should be working properly and your wiper blades need to be in top shape (signs you might need new wiper blades include a streaky wipe and stuttering operation).
  • In heavy rain, where you cannot open your cars windows, your windscreen can quickly fog up and this can be extremely dangerous. Make sure your air-conditioning and demister systems are working correctly and consider using an anti-fog windscreen treatment (available at auto parts stores).
  • Now is also the time to also check that your tyres have plenty of tread and that your air pressures are correct.
  • Have your car serviced and checked over now, this way you lessen the chances of a mid-storm breakdown.
  • Investing in an emergency kit for your car is also a great idea. Stock it with a blanket, flashlight, radio, reflectors and first aid supplies. Oh, and maybe a poncho (even a disposable one) which will help keep you dry should you need to exit your vehicle.

And of course, when driving in inclement weather, never drive through floodwater and should you need to do so, pull over in a safe place and stay in your car until the conditions improve.

Got any other storm preparation tips you could share? Let us know via or use the Contact page.

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