Full reveal of new BMW i8 Roadster

BMW takes the top off i8 electric sports car

bmw i8 roadster

It’s been a great addition to the BMW range, now the i8 will welcome a second variant – a roadster.

Teased numerous times in the past, BMW has finally undressed the new topless i8 at the LA Auto Show.

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BMW tell us the Roadster’s soft-top will open or close in around 15 seconds and at travelling speed up to 50 km/h.

The 2+2 BMW i8 Roadster will boast the same hybrid/electric powertrain as the conventional version (boosted for 2018 by 9kW).

Though weight is up by around 60kg over the hard-top variant.

This equates to a slightly slower 0-100kmh time of 4.6 seconds (i8 Coupe 4.5 secs).

While combined fuel consumption jumps 0.2L/100km to 2.1L/100km.

Lastly, BMW has also confirmed the i8 Roadster will have a slightly different suspension/steering tune, the Munich-based manufacturer telling us this allows the Roadster to retain the trademark handling and performance qualities.

bmw i8 roadster coupeNo word yet on Australian availability or pricing, we will keep you updated.

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