Four-door Bollinger electric SUV revealed

Bollinger B1 to come in two and four door variants

bollinger b1 four-door suv

Ok, so it isn’t the most svelte thing we’ve ever seen, but the Bollinger B1 could end up being a strong commercial success in coming years.

The utilitarian all-electric off-roader was revealed in two-door format back in July, now the U.S.-based start-up has shown the four-door version of the B1 in the above teaser image.

The image also shows a new orange exterior color.

At this stage there’s no confirmation of the B1 coming to Australia, we will keep you posted.

Robert Bollinger is the designer, and the CEO of Bollinger Motors, he says both variants will have the same battery options available of either 60 kWh or 100 kWh.

The electric drive-line in the B1 promises 360hp (269kW) and 472 lb-ft. of torque (640Nm).

“We always wanted to make a 4-Door version of the B1, and our assistant designer Ross Compton and I developed a great sketch.

“The vehicle still has great proportions and it’s amazing off-road capabilities remain intact since we only had to stretch the chassis by 9 inches (228mm).”

Adding the 2 doors creates a new overall vehicle length of 159 inches (4038mm) and new wheelbase of 114 inches (2895mm).

While the longer/four-door truck will have the same ground clearance (393mm), adjustable wheel travel, approach (56 degrees) and departure angles (53 degrees), it will have a new break-over angle of 31 degrees.

Bollinger Motors say they’re now finishing the engineering of the B1 and will be commencing production soon.

We’ll keep you updated with further news as it comes hand in our Bollinger Motors News section.

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