Ford using tech to win buyers

Ford using tech to win buyers

Ford dealerships adopt new technology to help buyers select vehicles.

Ford using tech to win buyers
The new customer-focused Ford dealerships will be online by the end of next year.

Ford says customers should be ready to experience a new modern and high-tech feel when visiting their dealerships.

To coincide with a new range of cars being released by Ford over the next couple of years, Ford is also giving its dealerships a new ‘customer oriented’ feel. These changes, set to be introduced across the brands 200 dealerships by the end of 2015, include concierges that will meet you at the door.

Ford is promising these concierges will ask how you want to engage with sales staff, the starting point of what Ford says is a ‘permission-based’ sales process that will continue throughout the experience.

Sales and service staff will also be armed with iPad-based technology to have the latest and most up-to-date information on each car at hand, and even compare Ford vehicles with competing models from other manufacturers!

If you choose to buy a Ford you can also have your photo taken with your new purchase to share with your friends on social media.

President and CEO of Bob Graziano, says the changes have been driven by customer feedback.

“Ford’s new vehicles are widely being credited for competing with the best products in the world,”

“We now are taking a similar approach to innovating and transforming our dealerships to make it easier to buy and service these great vehicles.”

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Joel Helmes