Fobo Tyre Pressure Monitor Review

Fobo Tyre Pressure Monitor Review

Simon Lai reviews the Fobo Tyre Pressure Monitor.

Having the correct tyre pressure is essential to running a car efficiently and safely. Deflated tyres means more of the tyre is touching the ground which means more friction. The engine has to work harder against this resistance and you end up consuming more fuel, not to mention wearing out the tyres.

The Fobo Tyre pressure monitor takes away the inconvenience of manually checking your tyre pressure on a regular basis. The wireless system allows the driver to check the air pressure of each tyre directly via Bluetooth and pressure sensors.

Fobo Tyre Pressure Monitor ReviewThe first thing to do is download and install the Fobo Tire app on your smartphone and make sure Bluetooth is switched on. Pair up the phone and the in-car unit by simply holding down the button on the unit. The app will now prompt you to install the tyre valve sensors in a clockwise direction starting with the front right wheel.

To setup, remove the existing valve cap and screw on the hexagonal locking nut. Screw on the Fobo Tyre sensor as far as it will go then with the special wrench provided, turn the locking nut anticlockwise until tight. Now repeat for the other three tyres; it’s as simple as that!

Place the in-car unit anywhere inside the car where it will be able to pick up the signal from the sensors.

Fobo Tyre Pressure Monitor ReviewYou can check the air pressure of your tyres with the app immediately at any time from inside the car or your home. If the pressure drops below the minimum (chosen in settings), the square for the low pressure tyre will turn red. The in-car unit will also provides notification, flashing a red light on the corner of the unit to the corresponding tyre.

The manufacturer claims a two year battery life for the four valve sensors which come in black or silver while the app can monitor up to twenty vehicles – if you’re lucky have that many!

The Fobo Tyre may be great at keeping an eye on your air pressure but it’s still as inconvenient (if not more so with the addition of sensors) to top up the air in the tyres.

Theft is also a valid concern but the sensors are linked to an online account via the app and can’t be used by another party if removed from the tyre valve.

Fobo Tyre Pressure Monitor ReviewThis tyre guage is an amazing piece of technology. A gadget that allows you to check your tyre pressure without getting out of the vehicle and even syncs with your phone gets a big tick in my book. However, you do get what you pay for and the price may be a tad steep for some. Recommended for owners who drive a performance vehicle or an off road vehicle where tyre pressure is more critical. A bit of overkill for the everyday car owner but still gets an 8 out of 10.

The Fobo Tyre wireless tyre pressure monitoring system retails for $329.

The Fobo Tire app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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