Young female motorists big on car mods

Young women hotting up their cars too in 2019

young woman car mods

Young men are more likely to customize their cars than young women, right?

Well, no actually. A study has found it is young women who are more into dressing up their cars.

Car Zoos – an online used car buying and selling website, has found younger women today are showing a larger interest in cars and their features and styling.

Women aged 18-24 years old were found to be more inclined to make aftermarket modifications to their cars than men of the same age group.

Twice as many millennial women said they’d make modifications to their suspension and hydraulics than men.

Twice as many said they’d make modifications to their paint or add a body kit than men.

True, there were slightly more young men than young women who wanted to tweak the engine for more performance, but the difference between the sex’s wasn’t as far apart as you might expect.

Social scientist Dr. Lauren Rosewarne from University of Melbourne says you can forget the gender stereotypes – women today are more interested in and more educated about cars and are a lot more likely to be financially independent too.

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