Used car buyers top priority?

Reliability comes out way ahead of safety

car buyer in showroom

What are Australians looking for when buying a used car?

Car Zoos – an online used car buying and selling website, has asked used car shoppers what their top priorities are when considering a used car purchase.

And it was reliability and ongoing maintenance requirements that came out on top.

More than 1 in 5 car buyers said those were front of mind when choosing their next car.

From there, second top priority was the cars price at 16.2%, the mileage that the vehicle had travelled (15.8%) came in as third top priority.

Just under 13% of used car buyers said the cars appearance was their top priority and nearly 8% were swayed by the vehicle’s wheels.

But what about safety? Surely that would be a priority? Well disappointingly, just 6.3% had the safety attributes of their prospective used car as their number one priority.

And the study found environmental credentials were rarely a top priority too – just over 3% of the car buyers surveyed said they were interested in environmental factors.

What are your top priorities when selecting a car to buy? Is reliability your big concern? Or is safety, looks, price or environmental credentials at front of mind for you?

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