Toyota to Win 2015 Car Sales Race

Toyota to Win 2015 Car Sales Race

Volkswagen issues see Toyota claim top car sales spot in 2015.

Toyota to Win 2015 Car Sales Race - it’s been a rough year for Volkswagen but sales should still exceed 10 million vehicles.

Toyota looks set to again be the world’s favourite car manufacturer with Volkswagen’s emissions scandal relegating the German powerhouse brand to second position.

Both brands however are likely to report mammoth sales totals above ten million vehicles in 2015.

At the end of November, Toyota reported year to date sales of 9.21 million vehicles, with Volkswagen’s 11-month total at 9.10 million. Toyota regained the lead from Volkswagen in the global car sales race after a slightly sluggish start to the year for the Japanese group.

Miles out in front in the Australian car sales race, 2015 has been a stellar year for Toyota.

But Toyota officials aren’t overly optimistic about their fortunes, and the car industry in general, in 2016. Reports today say those Toyota bosses are warning that global auto sales could stagnate next year, while some analysts are even fearing a modest dip.

Those dire projections coming despite the ongoing recovery of the U.S. market and a turnaround in Europe.

We will keep you updated in coming days on full year Australian car sales results for 2015 and all the December 2015 data as well.

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