Study predicts surge in truck connectivity

Study predicts surge in truck connectivity

35 million connected trucks by 2020

The days of a truck operating out in the environment with no connection to base, destinations, or other trucks, looks to be numbered according to the findings of a new report.

Reportlinker has looked at heavy vehicle connectivity trends, including telematics, and predicts a significant increase in usage of the new tech in the logistics industry.

The report says automation of key connected truck services such as fleet management, order management, and freight aggregation brings complete visibility to the system.

While the report also looks at the impacts 3D plastic printing could have on the truck industry.

That technology is tipped to help make the production of some materials and products easier in multiple locations, this could impact traditional freight operations.

Connected Trucks Study – Key Findings:

  • By 2020, more than 35 million trucks globally will be connected
  • Nearly 40% of fleet managers feel connected trucks are a “must have”
  • With smart roads and smart cities, smart trucks will be a necessity
  • Connectivity brings a high value proposition for all ecosystem partners
  • Future trucks allow the user to easily pay for fuel, toll, parking, infotainment, and many more in real time

The study, available here, also looks at key trends such as Uber for Trucks, and autonomous truck technologies.

The study comes just days after it was predicted that freight and truck driver apps would boom in coming years.

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