Should I buy a Fiat Panda?

Should I buy a Fiat Panda?

Behind the Wheel website visitor Zoe is thinking about a Fiat Panda.

Should I buy a Fiat Panda?
Should I buy a Fiat Panda? Zoe is considering a Fiat Panda.

Hey guys, what do you think of the Fiat Panda? I’m considering one because I reckon they are cute and not expensive. Good idea?

Peter Hitchener - The bad news Zoe is that because sales numbers for the Fiat Panda have been so low in Australia that they aren’t going to be offered here soon by Fiat Chrysler. Though that could be to your advantage, look down the back of a Fiat dealership or two and you might just find a little Panda waiting to go to a good home.

Chris Miller – If you aren’t too bothered by the fact that the Fiat Panda is a threatened species in Australia then I say - why not? Most of the reviews for the Panda have been quite positive, if you like the styling then I reckon you should go for it!

Joel Helmes – Hi Zoe, thanks for the note. I road tested and reviewed the Fiat Panda Trekking last year, check out the review below. I think the Fiat Panda is a tough and unique little offering and it does have a five-star ANCAP safety rating.

If you like it then I can’t think of any real reason not to buy one. In saying that, there are many, many more hatchbacks on the market that make more sense, are better cars and are likely to offer better resale.

For the record, the 2015 Fiat Panda range is priced from $16,000 - we reckon you could drive a very good deal with your local Fiat dealership if you were ready to deal.

Thanks Zoe, let us know if you get a Panda.

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