Ride sharing services hurting car sales?

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Study says Uber affecting sales

It seems that Australians have generally warmed to the idea of using services such as Uber without too many issues or complaints.

And while it was generally considered to the be the taxi industry that would suffer from the creation of ride sharing/ride services it appears car sales are also being hit.

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Reuters reports that a new study has found that in areas served by Uber, Lyft etc. operate, consumers may buy fewer cars and take fewer trips.

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Columbia University study focused on the city of Austin, Texas.

Why Austin? Because in that city residents voted to ban Uber and other ride sharing/ride services back in mid 2016.

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Now, a little over a year since the services were withdrawn from the city, the study found 41% of 1,200 people surveyed said they used their own car to fill the void.

While 9% of respondents had purchased a vehicle so they could get mobile again.

Do you use Uber or a similar service? Have you replaced a car with these services?

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