Infrastructure spend boosts U.S. truck industry

Confidence high as big build begins

Donald Trump’s significant investment in U.S. infrastructure, particularly roads and bridges, seems to be pushing confidence north in the truck industry.

The multi-dealer truck retailers and financiers, American Truck Showrooms, say they’ve seen a consistent increase in sales in new trucks since Mr Trump was voted into the White House last year.

And they say buyers are primarily feeling confident about the industry because of the improved infrastructure that is being planned and built.

Mr Trump has committed to spending a trillion dollars (more than $129 Billion AUD) on infrastructure in 2017.

American Truck Showrooms said in a statement that commitment is the reason they’ve added an additional 200 prime-movers to their showrooms.

That move follows a sharp jump in the amount of freight being moved across the USA in May.

The American Trucking Associations’ tell us For-Hire Truck Tonnage increased 6.5% in the moth, following a 1.5% decline during April.

Reversing a three-month downward trend, ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello says the second half of 2017 could prove a much more productive period than the start of the year.

“One month does not make a trend, but the nice gain fits more with the anecdotal reports I’ve been hearing from fleets.”

Do you think the Australian and state governments should invest more into the nation’s road infrastructure?

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