Fuel economy a top priority for female car buyers

Study finds fuel economy almost as important as sale price to female car buyers

Fuel economy a top priority for female car buyers

A survey of UK car buyers has found the fuel economy of their prospective car purchase is almost as high a priority as sale price to female car buyers.

Men, however, were found to be more concerned about the look and style of their car purchase, rather than how much it was going to cost them to drive it.

My Car Check surveyed 355 men and 190 women, all of whom were recent customers of the vehicle history check service.

Here’s what was found:

  • Females listed sales price and fuel efficiency as their top priorities
  • Males said sale price was their top priority, followed by look and style
  • When it came to buying a car, female respondents said they felt least comfortable when physically inspecting the vehicle and men when negotiating the price
  • 8% of female drivers described themselves as “good” drivers compared to 60.7% of male respondents.
  • While 47.8% of women said they were “competent” compared to 36.1% of men
  • And when asked which driving situations they dislike most, the top answer for both men and women was one way streets, followed by roundabouts.

Roger Powell, Head of My Car Check, says the survey shows that men are more concerned with image and what people think of their wheels.

“For the vast majority, price is always the most important consideration; people set a budget and then see what they can get for the money.

“The secondary driver is where we see clear differences along gender lines.

“Women are most concerned with fuel efficiency, a significant ongoing cost of ownership, while men are more concerned with image, the ‘what will my mates think?’ factor.”

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