Freight and truck driver apps tipped to boom

Apps such as Uber Freight set to rule

New research has found the logistics industry is set to be transformed by freight mobility apps, fleet optimization apps, and driver utility apps in coming years.

The report, compiled by Frost & Sullivan in the U.S., predicts mobile phone apps will be the cornerstone of the technological revolution and will become a multi-billion-dollar business by 2020.

Apps like Uber Freight, which allows truck owners to offer casual and ad-hoc freight transportation services, are tipped to be the big winners.

But not all apps, of which there about 100 available in North America now, will make the grade.

Frost & Sullivan’s Chandramowli Kailasam says only around 30 will be in operation come the new decade.

“Fleet optimisation apps will drastically bring down cost barriers to adopt services that were previously only accessible through traditional telematics players requiring hardware, helping small fleets and owner operators.

“Driver utility apps will make being on road easy for drivers,”

“Most importantly they will make it easy to find loads with a press of a button to eliminate empty return miles.”

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  1. Well Uber freight is launched, but the adoption of the technology is really slow. All the companies launching their uber for trucks apps like doft or convoy feel this too. The trucking industry is very dependable on the relationships between brokers and drivers and of brokers and shippers.

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