EV Council welcomes French ban on petrol, diesel

EV Council welcomes French ban on petrol, diesel

Australian EV proponents happy

It could be a big turning point for electric vehicles – France’s commitment to ban traditional petrol/diesel engine cars by 2040.

And the move, probably not surprisingly, has been welcomed by Australia’s Electric Vehicle Council (EVC).

CEO, Behyad Jafari, tells us the move is a wake-up call for Australian politicians.

“The era of the internal combustion engine is coming to an end.

“Sales of electric vehicles in Australia are years behind, due to a lack of any policy support to provide certainty for mass market investment.”

How do we get more EVs on Australian roads?

Mr Jafari says government subsidies are the way to go.

“Cost support by electric vehicle exemptions to taxes such as Fringe Benefits Tax, Stamp Duty and Registration will help bring down the upfront cost of electric vehicles.”

“Once a level of scale has been reached, that support can be withdrawn as private investment and competition continue to reduce costs.”

Currently, the most affordable EV on Australian roads is the BMW i3 (from $68,100).

While Nissan is about to bring a new-generation of the LEAF back to Australia and should be priced just over $40,000.

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