Easy tips for safer driving in the dark

Easy tips for safer driving in the dark

Some simple ways to be safer on the roads at night…

There’s less traffic around (generally), but you stand a greater chance of being involved in a serious crash at night.

And of course, at this time of the year the sun is really going down early in the afternoon and that means there’s a good chance you’re driving around more often in the dark.

So, what are some simple things we can do to be safer on the roads at night time?

Here’s some simple tips to help keep you safe:

Get your eyes checked

Common sense seems to be the order of the day here and that starts with your own health – especially in regards to your eyes.

Poor night time vision can make driving at night not only uncomfortable, but dangerous too.

Make sure a regular optometrist appointment is on your calendar to ensure you have the best possible assistance with factors such as depth perception, colour recognition and peripheral vision.

Get enough sleep

The statistics around drivers actually falling asleep at the wheel are terrifying.

We recently reported on a study that found 10% of drivers had admitted to nodding off while driving in the past year.

Night time is when your body is probably most used to having a rest and that means you need to be more conscious of what your body is telling you.

If you’re feeling tired, pull over and have a rest – even a 15-minute spell can help recharge your batteries.

You will also have to be even more vigilant around taking a break every two hours as well.

And of course, try to make sure you have as much rest as possible before getting out on the roads at night in the first place.

Have a clean windscreen

This is a simple, but effective step to take.

A dirty windscreen puts more strain on your eyes and that can make you feel tired more quickly.

Have a quality washer solution in your system and make sure the inside of your windscreen is clean and clear as well (we recommend carrying glass cleaning wipes in your car).

Improve your vehicles lighting

New technology such as LED lights can help you be seen more effectively by other road users, and also assist you in lighting up the road ahead.

While less high-tech solutions might include strategically placed reflectors that could help other motorists see your vehicle, especially when you’re parked.

Space is your friend

As already noted, chances are at night there are fewer vehicles around you, this should give you the chance to extend the distance between you and other vehicles.

A longer traveling distance behind the vehicle in front will also mean that you won’t have their taillights shining right in your eyes.

And of course, as always, take your time and keep your mind on the job.

Got any other road safety or driving tips? Is there something road users could be doing to make life easier and safer for others? Let us know below.

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