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Dyson to branch out into electric vehicles

Electric car in the bag for vacuum brand

Dyson electric cars

Assisting the global push towards a zero emission (not really accurate), electric vehicle future is newcomer, Dyson, of bagless vacuum cleaner fame.

Dyson joins an illustrious new fraternity of non-car manufacturer electric car disciples including Apple and Tesla.

There are plenty more lining up for a slice of electric boogaloo but Dyson comes as a shock, though, not really given their appliances all run electric motors.

They would know a thing or two about how armatures, coils and magnets work and have been developing new electric motors and batteries for their vacuums and other products for the past 20 years.

This places them in a strong position to take the next step into electric car manufacturing.

James Dyson let the cat out of the bag yesterday in London saying his company is building an electric car that will be launched by 2020.

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He told staff by email that the company finally had the opportunity to bring all its technologies together into a single product…a car.

“Competition for new technology in the automotive industry is fierce and we must do everything we can to keep the specifics of our vehicle confidential.’’

For the past two and a half years, the company has had a 400-strong team of engineers working on the secret project in Malmesbury, England, mainly on battery development that will power Dyson’s own electric motor for the car.

In something of an ominous statement, Dyson said his electric car would be “radically different” compared to those being designed by other carmakers, including Tesla.

“There’s no point doing something that looks like everyone else’s, and it is not a sports car and not a very cheap car.”

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That put automotive commentators on the back foot because they have heard that credo before and it almost always ended in tears.

James Dyson hopes the vehicle will be just the first of a line of electric vehicles from Dyson and predicted that within a few years electric cars would be the largest source of revenue for the company, eclipsing its existing products.

“I have been developing these technologies consistently because I could see that one day we could do a car.”

No word on where the Dyson car will be made at this stage but China would have to be on the short list if only because it currently leads the world in battery technology and manufacturing as well as being the largest global car maker.

Image Courtesy: Automotive News

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