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Behind the Wheel Podcast 461

Pete, Chris and the team are back!

We’ve got everything and a bit more this week on this week’s edition of the Behind the Wheel Car Podcast!

In the last two years there have been over 10,000 official complaints about new cars. Delia Rickard, deputy chair of the ACCC, joins us with information on their action to help consumers get a fair deal from manufacturers when it comes to buying and servicing cars.

She’s also got the latest details on the Takata Airbag Scandal.

Chris Zeiher, authour of Lonely Planet’s Epic Drives of the World, joins us with some of his favourite roads from South Africa, Canada and Australia.

There’s also a story about a bear and an ostrich!

Joel Helmes has seen the new Range Rover Velar in the flesh - we’ll get his thoughts on his first look.

He’s also been hanging out with the new CEO of Audi Australia, Paul Sansom - he’ll give us the inside word on Audi’s plans here in Australia over the next few years.

Simon Lai has been getting about in the new Subaru XV. Is it any good? Simon will share his thoughts - and he’ll help us, together with Rachel Franco, fill our 12 car garage with our favourite cars under $60k - a challenge set down for us by listener Glenn.

There’s a bucket load of news around this week, including details on a new Nissan 370Z, the fastest ever Jeep and details on what the car interior of the future will look like.

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Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0461 Transcript:

[00:00:01] We feel like. We’re. Serious. We. Are. Things. And you know the big show we’re looking forward to our segment with Simon and Rachel a little later on. I very much am because we’ve been set a target. We’ve got to choose our favourite cars under 60 grand. [16.8]

[00:00:18] Well I kind of have been thinking about it and at first I mean all that could be a challenge. And then I went. Hold on a minute. There’s a lot of them. There’s a heap of them indeed. [8.3]

[00:00:27] We are continuing our coverage as the takata airbag scandal continues to grip the motoring world. Of course we’ve had some horrible incidents here in Australia due to these faulty airbags. We’ve heard of Carter going into administration. The company itself folding up problems gaining parts to facilitate the recall of having everything fixed up. It’s a big one. So we’ve gone to the top a.s.c. deputy chair Delia rijkaard. She’ll join us with. Well basically the the authorities take on what you should do how to identify the problems and what to do if there are more problems even after the recall. [34.6]

[00:01:01] And that’s certainly been quite a problem for many people on the road at the moment. And it’s something that people really should take seriously because we’ve had some life threatening injuries even deaths around the world as a result of these faulty airbags. There are many great drives in Australia. It turns out there are many more around the world. This is going to be fun today talking about the world’s great drives with somebody who knows. That’s right. Lonely Planet have just released their epic drives of the World Book and the man behind that book. Chris zire he’s going to join us and fill us in on a few of those drives and maybe point us in the right direction so that we can go and take on some ourselves in our magner Elite maybe the Great Ocean Road but just don’t forget to take you to the Datsun 129. Yes exactly. I’m taking karzi tablas for the cries like a land jail. Helms has left the gland at home today but he’s in the Range Rover violable he said it didn’t drive it and he’s also been talking to the new boss of Audi Australia. Simon Lai along with helping us fill our behind the wheel garage full of cars under 60000 dollars he’s been driving around in the new Subaru XV. And we got to do some news in a second and back from the news. You and I will talk. A car that I absolutely adored. You can see the video of us in it right now behind the wheel. [1:14.7]

[00:02:17] You talk of the BMW M1 40 performance hatch and performance being the operative word there. Yes very much. A great little car. Great at. Love it. Indeed. And while we’re on hatches we’ve had both variants of the Honda Civic we’ll give you the lowdown on those soon behind you. Behind the wheel needs the wheel tank. [19.3]

[00:02:38] For the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee track with the six point two litre V8 power is confirmed for Australian arrival in December. [8.3]

[00:02:46] We used to get Aussie pricing though but the US have released their prices and it starts at just under 86 grand that’s about 100 grand in Aussie dollars. [7.9]

[00:02:54] Under the bonnet is a 527 kilowatt 874 Newton metres supercharges. It can propel the quickest SUV in the world. That’s what they call it to 100 kilometres an hour in just three point six seconds. [12.7]

[00:03:07] I think there might be a faster Tesla. But anyway if our cars are going to be doing the driving for us do we need a car interior The same is what we have in today’s cars. [8.3]

[00:03:16] Even automotive interiors one of the world’s leading interior designers and manufacturers say the answer to that question is a simple no. [7.7]

[00:03:23] Their concept design shows how autonomous driving can allow us to have more flexible car interiors with more personal space a greater opportunity to relax work or watch a movie. [9.2]

[00:03:33] In future the car as the driver will no longer have to drive will become a real living room. The futuristic interior concept on display next month Frankfurt Motor Show and The Pixies behind the wheel. Dot com dot. [11.3]

[00:03:44] Are you the new news mode. Tweet nisson 370 Z will land in Australia next month. [4.6]

[00:03:49] With prices starting from 60 1490 dollars a new nisman Flagship and some sharper pricing in the standard 370 Z roadster and Cooper could be just the tonic to get the model back on the shopping list of Aussie sports car buyers. [13.6]

[00:04:03] Now there’s a new starting price of just forty nine nine ninety for the coupe 60000 990 for the convertible but a big talking point of course is the Aussie arrival of this 2018 nisson 370 is edn Bismo available only in koob body style. We’ll [14.5]

[00:04:17] be bringing you the details from the Australian launch of the model at the end of the month. Now [3.8]

[00:04:21] one of Australia’s best selling Subaru models is in for a new look and feel. You can see spice shots right now at behind the wheel dot com. The outline of the new 2019 Subaru forrester. [10.8]

[00:04:32] But this new Subaru forrester is still a way off. It’ll be mid 2018 at least before the vehicle lands in dealerships. [6.5]

[00:04:39] Now in Australia in July facts data shows Subaru sold only 847 Forresters accounted for just over 6 percent of the total medium SUV market. The space shots of the new Forester show a familiar side profile of the current model but radically different styling in front. Australian buyers of the Ford Escape are most often opting for dark metallic grey. Colours on their new SUV. Why will Ford Australia reckons it’s because there’s a lot more to car colour choice than you may have thought. [27.8]

[00:05:07] As we know cars are often described as an extension of our personalities and the colour paint we choose for our cars is now being described as a barometer into how we feel right. [9.5]

[00:05:16] Emily Lai the design manager of colour and materials design at Ford says she believes colour choices we make dentures reflect our personality but also act as a reflection of what’s going on around us and in our lives. [10.8]

[00:05:27] The future however is looking better Emily says brighter tones are set to be hot property. The 2018 BMW 2 series range has been unveiled like the BMW 1 Series sibling. BMW has stopped short of making any serious changes underneath the skin for 2018. [15.3]

[00:05:43] Instead the German brand tell us they focussed on some styling tweaks and new features for the coupe and convertible offerings. Prices for the upgraded model kick off at fifty two thousand nine hundred dollars Mazda and Toyota have taken a step towards increased collaboration particularly in the US. [14.9]

[00:05:58] The giant Japanese car manufacturers have just signed off on a deal that will see them build and share a new car production facility in the United States. [7.8]

[00:06:05] Now Toyota or a Mazda are set to build a one point six dollars billion US assembly plant to build the Toyota Corolla and are yet to be revealed. [7.4]

[00:06:13] Mazda crossover SUV Toyota will take a 5 percent stake in Mazda at a cost of around 450 million dollars. [7.2]

[00:06:20] While Mazda will take a point to five share in Toyota the plant will be capable of producing about 300000 cars a year with production divided between the two automakers panel employ about 4000 people. [10.7]

[00:06:31] Jaguar Australia has just confirmed pricing and specification details for the new Jaguar Xserve sports break that station wagon to you and me later this year early November. [10.1]

[00:06:42] The SFA sport break will be offered with a choice of four and six cylinder petrol and diesel engines from their ingenious engine range as well as a six diesel. Now the spot brake will boast a slightly different suspension tuned to the Sudan self levelling air sprung rear suspension fitted standard the xcept wagon which starts at ninety thousand four hundred dollars. The car sales race in Australia is continuing to heat up as we head towards yet another record sales here. [24.0]

[00:07:06] Toyota remains out in front. Fellow top five players Mazda Hyundai Holden and Ford keep fighting out for the rest of the bulk of Aussie car buyers. [8.5]

[00:07:14] But there were some brands it had particularly strong months in July including Audi Honda Mitsubishi. [5.4]

[00:07:20] The team had BMW bounced back into positive territory after a few rough months while subbrand many also finished ahead. [6.1]

[00:07:26] Every car that we test drive in Review we opened the glovebox and right there taking up most of the available space is the owners manual and service book and they’re like war and peace these days but carting around a paper version of hundreds of pages long is about to be a thing of the past Gen. the luxury car brand owned by Hyundai has just started giving us buyers the opportunity to get to know all the features and functions of their car via augmented reality. Oh wow. [25.0]

[00:07:51] The Genesis augmented reality manual as a free download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. [5.8]

[00:07:57] They say the Genesis virtual guide is a modern take on the traditional owners manual allowing consumers to use their smartphones or tablets to get how to information for repairs maintenance and vehicle features. You can see how it works in a video behind the wheel condor. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of weeks in the two different variants of the Honda Civic hatch. We had the base model the vtr and the top of the range the vtr. El X and I must say there’s nothing else on the road that looks like the Honda Civic hatchback it and for that matter either. [35.9]

[00:08:34] I actually liked it. I think it looks fresh. Bobby is different and I really enjoyed my time with it. It’s very practical. It goes well. It’s got a lovely Honda feature that I just love. You turn the left indicator on to turn left and in your display screen you get to see what’s happening on the left hand side inside of the car thanks to the cameras that are mounted wherever they are. It’s just a nice added little safety feature you just are sure you’re not going to collect a bicycle that’s in your blind spot or you’re wrong about anything else that might be there. [33.9]

[00:09:08] One of those stupid little gutters that people like to put in everywhere to scratch your rims are high no. That’s another thing I don’t understand. We had the the base one the base of vtr which is actually really well priced shop price or twenty two 390 and that it’s got the one point eight litre four cylinder. It’s a little underdone. I suppose you could say in the performance stakes but it’s not a performance car that gets along quite adequately in traffic keeps up with everyone at the lights. Yeah when you put it under pressure it’s got a cvt gearbox it tends to scream of it seems to be an awful lot of noise and not an awful lot of speed. Yes that’s right. [33.3]

[00:09:41] I agree with that and that’s that produce 104 kilowatts about 170 new meters a talks around there. [7.8]

[00:09:50] The picotee engine of course is the one point five litre turbo which we experienced in the V.T.. Alex Honda Civic catch it’s considerably more pricey 30 35 90 but there’s just nothing missing out of that car it’s got every imaginable luxury you could you could ever think of. [16.1]

[00:10:06] Loved it and we managed to go up a hill with three grown adults in the car. Somebody I know was saying his CV will never get us up the hill and that is it. [9.1]

[00:10:15] He shot it with room to spare. It’s pretty well I must say. I am a fan of them I think they’re really good cars. I think Honda makes great cars. They really do that well and surely they’ve got their mojo back since the launch of the Honda Civic sedan last year. Now at the hatch you can see that exact experience on video right now behind the wheel. Com if you don’t laugh I’ll be very disappointed. Another video. You can see which I know you’ll laugh at. Because picture was driving I guess damaging golf clubs at the same time. Yes it was fun wasn’t it. What a car. [34.6]

[00:10:50] The BMW M 140 performance EDITION. Now this is a car the size of a Corolla. Rear wheel drive under the bonnet a six cylinder twin turbo producing 250 kilowatts 500 meters. It’s an epic performance and epic numbers like they have the numbers that should be in a V8 Commodore but weren’t even in a VR Commodore or a few years ago. Yes you’re absolutely right. In this tiny little car it will slingshot to undermine our hinged on four point six seconds. It’s one of the sweetest sounding cars you’ve ever heard in your life handles just absolutely phenomenally well. When we drive a couple of weeks ago we made a video 64 990 was the price. Since then BMW has put a price reduction on it and it’s now 59 990. It’s just like it’s a lot of money I know but this is a seriously hot hatch and one of the most rewarding and I think you can drive. [52.3]

[00:11:43] Absolutely. It really appeals to the boy racer and everybody is just going to have fun driving this car and you don’t have to. You don’t have to break the speed limit or anything but getting to the speed limit is a lot of fun. [11.1]

[00:11:54] You’re absolutely right. And as you say it’s a lot of fun when you when you have a bit of a spirited drive. But the great thing about it is if you just want to duck down to the shops or you’re stuck in a traffic jam it’s as docile as a pussy cat. It’s relaxed in your casual and it just gets around and gets a does it does its business with the minimal amount of fuss. It’s just a beautiful beautiful car. I know I’d buy one. [24.0]

[00:12:18] I really would. I’d have one in my garage if it’s so much fun. Yeah if it fitted the budget and what my needs were I would absolutely have one because it always has beautifully made beautifully finished and it turns out you can get a set of golf clubs in it. Sure you might have some interesting issues with your driver one. Yes the driver gets a bit tortured but look hey that doesn’t matter. It is against a good car to drive. [21.2]

[00:12:39] Check out the video right now behind the wheel dot com. You will be back with the deputy chair of the a.s.c. Pure behind the wheel. [7.2]

[00:12:47] Yeah certainly lots to get through on this week’s show we’re going to try and fill our 12 car garage with the best cars under 60000 thousand dollars in the country will of course go on some of the best drivers in the world I only planet have just released a great new book called epic drives of the world we got the Author krystyna on to tell us some of his favourites and maybe point us in the direction of some great Australian drives as well. And we’re going to of course drive the Subaru X V. One of the most popular subaru’s around. As we mentioned at the top of the show we’ve had some big dramas with the Toccata airbag scandal. It’s been gripping the world and there’s been more issues as well when it comes to the motor industry. They’ve kind of been under fire the last couple of weeks. And Peter Another new story is developed just in the last couple of days there. [44.3]

[00:13:31] That’s very much so the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has criticized the new car retailing industry for ignoring consumer rights of buyers and fostering a system where profit margins from car servicing have reached a whopping 64 percent. And among the recommendations as far as I can tell is that the specifications the technical specifications on new models that the a.s.c. wants those to be given to workshops that aren’t dealer workshops but just you know. [30.4]

[00:14:02] Yeah. So if you’ve got a new Nissan Maxima you want either the singular to be able to work on it all the bloke down the road is a qualified mechanic you want him to have the same same ability. [9.8]

[00:14:12] In other words giving the consumer more choice so I think we should go. We should go to the source as they say. The deputy chair of the a.s.c. Delia rijkaard greetings and thanks so much for joining us. [10.7]

[00:14:23] You’re welcome. Have I sum that up correctly or accurately do you think. [4.5]

[00:14:29] Look at you. You’ve summed up part of it. We’ve had over ten thousand complaints about new cars in the last two years. And because of that we made it a priority for this year. And as you can see we’re following through on that priority. So there were sort of three categories of things we looked at in the report. One was around complaint handling and what we were seeing was that car dealers manufacturers were relying on the manufacturers warranty and ignoring a person’s consumer guarantee rights which meant that consumers were often not getting what they were entitled to. We were also really worried as you pointed out that independent repairers were really becoming less and less able to compete with the more expensive dealer service because they couldn’t get access to the technical information the tools the training that’s required in this day and age to fix a car. And we know that overseas and in Europe in the US there are now legislated schemes which provide that access. In Australia we’ve had a voluntary code but from our investigation it was clear that the voluntary code wasn’t resulting in independent repairers getting access to that information tools and training. [1:09.0]

[00:15:38] And the third area that we’ve been looking at relates to fuel consumption claims and emissions. Yes. [5.6]

[00:15:44] Which people care about because of the cost of fuel because of concerns of the environment and also those ratings help you compare and what we found was that they’ve based upon a current standard which doesn’t involve real life driving out on the roads and they tended to be to understate consumption by about 25 percent and get the emissions wrong but not of the consistent rate. So it makes comparing really really difficult for consumers. [30.0]

[00:16:14] Yeah we notice that we do test drive a new car every week and the claims that you see on the window I don’t think of ever actually matched up with the real world conditions that we’ve experience although we have been close on one or two. Exactly. And I suppose if it comes to people in charge of fleets for example when they’re buying hundreds of cars this can have a really big impact on a financial level. [21.5]

[00:16:36] Look it absolutely can and there’s a minister or forum that’s been looking says 2016 at the way in which all of these things are measured and presented and we’re very much encouraging them and looking forward to the results of their work and encourage them to include real life driving experiences so we can have a more realistic representation of what to expect. [18.6]

[00:16:55] Yeah. Great work from you guys again on that. And you guys have also put in the hard yards too when it comes to this ongoing takata airbag scandal that we’ve been following here behind the wheel for the last couple of years. Of course it’s really hit home in the last couple of weeks here in Australia with some some shocking results with these Decatur airbags I suppose. Delia what’s the best thing for people to do to number one find out if they are affected. Number two what to do when they are affected and what happens if there are any complaints for example after the so-called fix has happened. Well [30.9]

[00:17:26] as people know these ticket counter airbags degrade over time and they can really become lethal mis deploy and fire metal shards around the car the occupants and worldwide there have been 17 deaths in these. So if you get a letter from your vehicle manufacturer telling you the vehicle’s been recalled recalled you need to act on it immediately. You need to contact your dealership or manufacture and book your car to get those bags replaced. A.s.a.p. Especially if you’ve got an older car because the time frame for this seems to be that they become at risk anywhere from about six years to 25 years. So I would take six years as the real point of concern. So act act straight away when you get one of those. And when they are replacing I think. Also important to find out what they’re replacing it with because there’s over 100 million cars worldwide affected. There are only three manufacturers of air bags in the world. [1:00.1]

[00:18:26] So each model. Yeah. It’s fascinating this models car requires a different air bag for the driver a different one for the passenger. [9.0]

[00:18:35] So you’ve got to multiply that by every model of car out there. And so there have been shortages up until now the manufacturers are telling us that that problem is pretty much resolved. But some cars have had their bags replaced on a line by line basis so they’ve had it replaced with a bag that will have the same problems in six years time. So people have said well. [25.7]

[00:19:02] What should you do. She can’t use it. I wouldn’t refuse it. I think the important thing is to get at risk all the bags out. But you need to ask. So you know what’s there. And if it is not one of the like for like then there it is. It’s a transition or fix really. And there will be another recall. [17.9]

[00:19:20] Aha. That is just extraordinary and what this is going to do. I mean this is a potential time bomb ticking away over. Well you. You were saying hundreds of millions of cars. [10.4]

[00:19:31] There’s about two point three million cars affected in Australia. Yes. Well I think I’d 850 been six. Yeah. It is a time bomb which is why it’s really important that we’re talking about it and getting the message out. If you think your car might be affected and you haven’t received a letter go to the product safety website products safety. [18.1]

[00:19:49] Got you. And there’s a link on the home page which has a full list of the recalls today. But it’s also worth people being aware that there are likely to be additional recalls. So this has been a rolling recall because of the lack of availability of air bags and also enough technicians skilled up to do the refitting. So we do expect that there will be additional recalls. And it’s worth signing up there. You can get a free e-mail service you can sign up. I’m interested in recourse in your type of car and that way you can get notified through that as well as by manufacturers if this additional recall. [36.1]

[00:20:26] Have there been any degrading problems with the other manufacturers the other two manufacturers apart from takata. [6.3]

[00:20:33] I’m not aware of any degrading problems with them. The problem with Carter was they they use a particular propellant to get the gas out of the medical container ammonium nitrate and this ammonium nitrate is very sensitive to both temperature and to moisture and we’ve had what they call moisture ingress so moisture getting into the metal canister and that’s caused the whole thing to deteriorate over time so that when it does need to go off it explodes at a much more rapid rate which then burst the metal container sending shards of metal through the car. [37.4]

[00:21:11] See just horrible horrible and we have had of course reports of injuries resulting in very minor accidents sort of stuff that people should be able to get out and walk away from but because of the airbag you know the kauser had a nose to tail on the airbags gone off. [13.8]

[00:21:25] So some pretty quite serious injuries and as you say about 17 deaths worldwide there and tragically one here in July and a serious injury of a woman in the northern terminal three of those. [9.7]

[00:21:36] It’s really important that people check their cards in fact. And I should say we keep talking about cars but there’s also a couple of motorcycles on the recall list and one truck right Mike. [11.0]

[00:21:47] So we can go to the Web site. The list is there. You guys are providing a great service there with an ability to kind of sign up for recall information if your car’s affected. Congratulations on the work you’re doing more power to you and we’ll keep a keen on how things progress with this and everything else. You’re holding the motor industry scorecard for Delia. [19.5]

[00:22:07] Thanks a lot Chris. Peter a pleasure to talk to you. [1.9]

[00:22:09] Been looking forward to this feodor been having a good read of it. I love a good book particularly when it’s got to do with cars and great robes and Lonely Planet’s epic drives of the world is one I could highly recommend. And think the man behind it. I tell ya this blokes have a life and a half. Chris zyle welcome to behind the wheel. Chris our going man. [18.2]

[00:22:28] Her halo. I’m pretty well. How are you. [2.0]

[00:22:30] Very good. Now this sounds like a wonderful book to just do the research for because you’re talking about the epic drives of the world and presumably you don’t do that unless you’ve actually jumped in the car and gone for a film. [11.1]

[00:22:42] Yeah we’ve actually heard so we go through this product of the world what we’re calling the world’s most classic drive. [6.2]

[00:22:48] I mean it’s really there as an inspiration there as a as a piece of history. You get there and this is what you should experience when you’re at when you’re out on the road. [8.5]

[00:22:57] We’ve actually had 30 contributors to this particular product because obviously we are great. You know one person can’t be everywhere doing this drive though. So it’s been a pretty epic epic book in terms of making it kind of come to light. But we will cover everything from cool coats and drive. Now misadventures and then know the desert tracks or outback tracks we’ve got a lot of stuff in here as it’s a pretty critical product. [24.3]

[00:23:22] I’ve heard about the trains that go through the Rockies where you can look out the roof and see the wonderful scenery didn’t leave but give it a thought that you might be able to do a similar drive. [9.0]

[00:23:31] Yeah absolutely and one of the best drivers that I think I’ve ever done and the most amazing amount of wildlife that I’ve ever seen is the ice field Parkway which is just up on the Rockies as you go out it’s just and it’s a great drive because you go past a massive glacier and that’s that part that’s just part of us. [16.6]

[00:23:48] But you also. And it’s it’s a restricted kilometres per hour because there’s so much wildlife. And it was there that I actually happened to cross my first bout there. There actually crossed the road in front in front of our vehicle around there. It was just extraordinary to you know to have that kind of interaction is one of the few places in the world that obviously they kind of like you know cars and wildlife are interacting really really well. But you know so many so many of. And that’s actually in this is it that drives in this book so so many great opportunities to get out there and get in the car. [31.0]

[00:24:19] Well I’ve had two doors locked. I saw a thing on the Internet yesterday with a brown bear. I’m pulling somebody’s car happy to take you. Plus there’s two old people in the look on their face driving while you drive. They eventually did cross a close to home. Australia’s got some good roads. Any that you’ve been on and can recommend. [18.8]

[00:24:39] Yeah look I think so he gets a really good coverage in this particular product and so does New Zealand by the way that we do everything from the kind of classic routs that everybody would know that for instance you know the great ocean road down in Victoria right through to doing a really really solid trek through the Kimberley which obviously you need that is one of our epic drives and that is way you see it you know you’ll need some pretty hardcore equipment and a certain kind of a vehicle with behind you. Yeah. We’ve also got that that you know the track between Alice Springs to Darwin and we’ve got road down in Tasmania that we cover as well. [31.8]

[00:25:10] So we try to cover the full gamut of the country to give people a really collective look at how they could be and how they could be driving a beautiful beautiful country indeed and of course some horrendous speed limits in particularly the state of Victoria the nanny state of Australia are the editorial comment. I imagine there’d be some some unrestricted driving up sort of the Northern Territory way. [24.8]

[00:25:36] Yeah once you get into those those places there there certainly is. And you know what we do is we keep a lot of practical advice throughout the products as well. So it is a box in there in terms of your planning so the best time is here to go so to avoid kind of like you know wet season and if you’re doing the kind of top hand harder kind of get there and what other equipment you might need. So it’s not just all about integration there is practical advice in this as well. [22.3]

[00:25:59] Our country I’d never have kind of considered would be a great place to go driving in but it sort of makes sense when you think about it South Africa. And something called the Garden Route. [8.2]

[00:26:08] Yeah. And I’ve actually just returned from there last year and it’s an incredible drive that I see quite you know South Africa is one of the most dangerous places to drive anywhere in the world. But the garden is actually a really good one it’s down the road. It’s across from Cape Town. It’s absolutely beautiful. You’ll see some amazing actually here and otherwise I think I had an ostrich come across the car on that on that particular trip which was extraordinarily kind of rope rope went down the windows and took out a multitude of photographs. But that’s a really great kind of close to one and you’re quite close to wine country as well. [31.8]

[00:26:40] So with that particular one stop off and have people no nothing wrong with that. [4.9]

[00:26:45] I notice also that you’ve recently or one of your colleagues has recently had a four week driving stint in England and Wales. And I wonder whether you had noticed in England it seems that everybody just drove as fast as they can. [14.2]

[00:27:00] And you’d think oh my gosh. Are there any speed limits on this road as the motorway and everyone’s barrelling on 100 miles an hour. [6.5]

[00:27:07] You know the thing that I find extraordinary about England is all those friggin around about it does my head in as like really another one and it takes us both or a bit before we let you go. [15.2]

[00:27:22] Chris I suppose you’ve done some epic drives. What’s your favourite Carter do the mean. [4.6]

[00:27:28] Look I think the favourite. We have a little fear in Sicily which was amazing because it kind of you know it got us around the kind of little fact Street which which was really cool. I didn’t expect it to have as much gusto as it did but I tend to be a four wheel drive boy or an all wheel drive boy because I like to have a little bit of height behind me particularly if I’m doing bigger bigger things on the road. [20.0]

[00:27:48] Fair enough. It’s a great read. I encourage everyone to go get yourself a copy. Lonely Planet epic drives at the world available in all good bookstores and I’m sure the usual sort of Amazon online portals as well Chris. [11.7]

[00:28:01] Yeah absolutely. You can also jump on our website and buy directly from our shop too if you’d like but that’s my the at dot com. [5.2]

[00:28:06] Excellent. Chris Kyle the man the brains behind the tribes of the world great to talk to you. And if you ever need an assistant on any of these drives are free or I can make. [7.7]

[00:28:16] Excited I’ve got a co-pilot. I love it. [1.3]

[00:28:18] I don’t have time to head to a man who I know he would have experienced lots of those epic world drops pictures talking about you ever in his life doing it as a business man in motoring it is the one only Joel Helms guy. Joel how are we this week. [13.2]

[00:28:32] How are you guys really well thank you. [1.3]

[00:28:34] Excellent. You’ve been hanging out with the folks I believe from the range rover sampling the the what can only be described as the very beautiful new offering from a range rover can be called the valois. [10.0]

[00:28:45] It’s coming soon it’ll be here in Australia in about two months. We didn’t get a chance to have a drive of it but I got to sit in it and I got to have a close up look at it and I reckon it’s going to be a pretty big selling model for them it sits between the evoke and the range rover sport in the line-up. So you’re up against things like I guess you might say because I’ve been exploring the like. [20.8]

[00:29:06] What sort of pricing. Any ideas here. [1.8]

[00:29:09] Yeah I think details are on the website and prices start. [3.4]

[00:29:13] Rather 70000 dollar mark which is why I think we’ll see quite a lot of them because that’s that’s pretty good value for a car with Range Rover badges on it. [7.0]

[00:29:21] Yeah definitely. And what I like about it it’s got a really sleek look about it the designer of the car was at the event that we went to and he was explaining how minimalism was the main ingredient to the recipe for the sort of cooking up of the Range Rover Villa. But I think it also holds true with those foundations a Range Rover. Designed from the early 1970s like the floating room the flat side doors I think it’s a really good combination of old and you. [29.3]

[00:29:50] Yeah it’s certainly a beautiful car and I know the first thing you notice when you see the pictures which you can see now behind the wheel dot com is there doesn’t appear to be any doorhandles. [7.3]

[00:29:58] Yeah they’re gone for the push button electric door handles that sits flush with the body. Apparently they do help keep the car quiet so stop the wind noise and help fuel the further with the aerodynamics of the car. I don’t know how by how much. Probably only a minuscule amount but certainly a talking point and gets you interested in looking at the car more closely. I hope that they’re not problematic with the electric motors and the doors down the track like not just for a Land Rover Range Rover but for the other manufacturers going down that. [34.6]

[00:30:35] Another level of complexity another level of things to go wrong. [3.3]

[00:30:39] But really the device doing the Dukes of Hazzard entry into a Range Rover I wouldn’t be all that good because they’re a bit higher because darya Looks pretty swish too. There’s some quite a lot of glass and a lot of kind of hidden features on the interior from what I can tell from the pics. [15.1]

[00:30:54] On your story at the website Yeah there’s really very few buttons and controls. It’s all electronic which really looks fantastic especially after getting out of the new edition of The Land Rover Discovery recently and then getting into this car basically the same layout just the next generation very attractive very nice graphics. [20.5]

[00:31:15] Again we hope there are no problems to track at this stage at all of course but there’s not even the button to hit control alt delete are this area that’s all hidden behind the screen. [11.0]

[00:31:26] Mike the Tesla isn’t it. You’ve only got two buttons on the dashboard it’s all electronic. [4.0]

[00:31:31] Indeed we have a range of engines all from the new ingenius Ranger range of four cylinder and six cylinder petrol and diesels of course we’ll be at the launch of the range rover valon when it arrives in a couple of months will bring you more details then. But you’ve been hanging out I believe as well as keep busy with the new boss of Audi Australia and he’s got some interesting plans and some is man and he’s had about 10 or 11 years without his Managed daudi in South Africa. [26.9]

[00:31:58] He managed the dealer network in the UK and worked for a couple of other brands before that but he’s very much probably a man to my own heart. He’s talking about simplification. He wants to simplify the Audi range. I don’t think that’s a bad idea because I think. With time poor people nowadays that the Audi and not just the Audi range with some of the other German competition their range is very very complicated and it’s so expensive that you don’t know where you start. So I think you’re talking about just sort of giving it a bit of a haircut taking a little bit easier to understand and I don’t think it’s a bad idea because think the benefit for Audi in doing that is that it enables everybody to be on the same page. You think about all those different models every dealership needs of a thorough understanding of every model and every component and every option and all that it is very complicated. So I think reading between the lines you were saying that. Maybe they haven’t been selling the message as well as they should. Even at a dealer level because of the complexity. [56.4]

[00:32:55] I was reading in the story you posted on the Web site that he’s in for a while he’s not all about volume it’s not all about the number of cars that they sell which is kind of an unusual. I found it unusual sort of statement from a boss you’d think the more they sell the happier the bossert BE Oh yeah I suppose but I mean if if you want to be a premium brand. [19.1]

[00:33:14] And then if everybody’s got one is it still premium so you can say exclusivity day. Exactly. But I mean a pat on the back the mercedes-benz has done a terrific job because you can buy a Mercedes Benz brand you can buy a Mercedes Benz but Benz truck soon a Mercedes Benz. But still it’s the premium brand that most Australians go to. So it hasn’t lost any of that exclusivity and that feel about it despite the fact that it’s available in so many different shapes and configurations. [27.0]

[00:33:42] And so it has a wide range of models and the in the Audi example they’re looking to just reduce that range a little bit not cover so many niches. [9.7]

[00:33:52] Yeah I think that’s right. I don’t think they’ll will actually be any less models. But I think there’ll be different variants of the different models available. And I think that makes sense and you know I kind of like where he’s coming from with that whole idea of not necessarily No one does not necessarily mean the most sales. If you put it in a restaurant context. The chain that sells them has burgers is not necessarily everybody’s favourite restaurant. So you know number one sales are not necessarily number one if you want to look at it across all day. [29.7]

[00:34:22] Thank you. Excellent. So audie’s aren’t big macs I think is the take home message from that where they were saying we know how much Joel loves it when people in cars is talking into the metaphor. [13.2]

[00:34:36] I think we’ll leave that particular show. Helms as always good to talk to you man. Have a fun week. Thanks guys. One [6.5]

[00:34:43] of our favourite times of the week is a man who gets around. He’s [4.0]

[00:34:47] been known in the past as international man of mystery but that monkey seems to have been dropped since he became a father. And now he’s all about ISO fix attachments get baby seats and cleaning up. [11.0]

[00:34:58] It is Simon lie. Hi there. [2.1]

[00:35:01] There are others that have gone from James Bond to mr. MUM ethics. [6.2]

[00:35:08] But it’s only a disaster if it’s where everyone’s coming from pretty much along the way somewhere along the line. They go from mystery to babies. [9.2]

[00:35:17] Yeah so you know those those carsey that they’re really important they are doing it now I believe you’ve been driving the very popular Subaru x v of course it’s been recently updated based on the Subaru impreza. It’s essentially kind of a jacked up version of the Subaru impreza I suppose. Question number one SIMON How did it go with the baby seats. [21.0]

[00:35:39] Yeah that was fine. I mean there was no problem really. Subaru tends to have all kinds of stuff covered. Only thing is. Thing is our on ISIS fix those ports that they just like a little fabric thing that is attached with Velcro. It’s really different from other cars where they’ve got like you know nice plastic port. [18.2]

[00:35:57] Yeah. You know they’re just a little bit too rudimentary right. [3.9]

[00:36:02] But yeah you know how I feel about contractor surveys and crossovers and all about thank you and you love them. I don’t see how they’re so necessary. Actually a week in this actually really proved my point especially about space. You know people think I ride higher. There might be a bit more storage in the back but there really is. And I found that you know the storage is like a small sedan or even a station wagon is a lot bigger. I had trouble getting two suitcases in there one. They’re in trouble getting the pram in there with some other baby stuff. Especially because if you notice the back of their There is like a sloping windscreen. So you really don’t have that roof space either. So unless you have a seats down. It’s no different from any other small car. [42.7]

[00:36:45] Yeah. Gotcha. And of course he pretty much rest of Australian motoring public disagree with you because that is the biggest selling market. Everyone seems to be wanting these aren’t little sevis and although they’re not your favourite kind of car you’ve driven quite a lot of them. And I suppose based on that where does the X V stack up when is it sort of come up. [18.9]

[00:37:05] Yeah I mean for what it is. And if you’re just talking about that category it’s a fantastic kind of super always produces quality stuff. You have safety features which is included in the top range model which I drove this phone like lane departure and blind spot and all that kind of stuff you can’t see it Apple can’t play Android Auto and you know just the fit and finish is excellent. It also has eczema which is just like the forest in outback. So you can do a bit of off roading there and the interior is pretty nice too they’ve got like this to turn leather trim and like some contrasting orange stitching. So it looks nice. It drives well it’s stable it’s quiet and all those things that you really expect from a server and all for 35000. [45.4]

[00:37:51] That’s pretty good yeah. I mean you mentioned to the top there that it’s of course based on the Subaru impreza and the impreza. Look whilst we love the style of it and the fit and finish we were a little on the wing where you’re going with it will be a little underwhelmed with the performance. [14.3]

[00:38:05] Yeah put it nicely. Is there any difference in the performance in the X vs had got more power. Different gearbox. [5.1]

[00:38:12] Rather seems to leave the petrol engine he also has. CBT we’re just the biggest let down. It’s a little bit lazy with exactly with its acceleration. So there’s not much go forward and even that year changes a bit delayed like you know even if you slip in reverse. There there’s a slight pause until it engage it. [15.9]

[00:38:28] So that’s probably the main downside. [2.5]

[00:38:31] Excellent. Well I suppose anyone buying a small compact SUV won’t be looking before for performance anyway so I suppose it doesn’t really matter. You can read Simon’s review in full on the website right now behind the wheel dot com on you. [12.4]

[00:38:49] And now while we’re lucky enough to still have someone on the phone it’s time to give it up for the girl with the most. [5.1]

[00:38:54] It is the gorgeous Rachel franko. Hi Rachel. [2.5]

[00:38:57] So HI GUYS. WE good to talk to your Rakes was lovely to talk to Pete. [5.0]

[00:39:02] You’ve had a nice week. I trust and of course you would have seen the email feedback and behind the wheel dot com got you a bevy of questions that came through. The one that caught my eye was from Glenn who basically heard a couple of weeks ago I remember when I think it was John Paul asks if money was no object what cars would we have in our 12 car garage. [20.7]

[00:39:24] Well I was about 40. I think we did yeah. Then of course went. Well look that’s great. And Glenn said and he loved it too but he couldn’t afford any of the cars apart from a couple of key is it Simon mentioned that he couldn’t afford to have any of those in his garage. So he’s asked us to do it again but with the price cap of sixty thousand dollars so there’s a lot of cars a lot of good cars available for that sort of money. Rachel have you had a bit of a chance to think about that Kelly one and what three cars would you choose. [31.0]

[00:39:55] I have and following on from some road tested the Subaru I would have to say anything about any 3 seabury’s probably rose out of that. Absolutely. You’re under 50. Hey even I can be 10000 or not. [16.4]

[00:40:12] Well you can do 24 nine and get the entry level level impreza. [3.8]

[00:40:16] Yeah. And I mean I think that you know if we were concerned with budget and 60000 our cap can’t go wrong with any of those seabury’s just so high end to such a small cost. [12.7]

[00:40:29] Excellent. So that would be in any garage. [2.6]

[00:40:32] Right. OK. So even if I did challenge you to race with me running and you driving the Subaru impreza I’m likely to beat you. You still go with the president. [8.9]

[00:40:42] Well I’m half Italian so yes I would have on my mind. I love now. [7.8]

[00:40:51] We we’ve we’ve we’ve tried to to sort of know coax him into a position where he’s not going to name any more than 15 cars why he chooses to hitch up cars cap of 60 grand. What are we having in the garage. [15.6]

[00:41:06] Like Rachel I was looking for something lower a bit lower quite a bit lower than 60 grams. I’ve come up with three that I think cover the whole range as one from Germany two from Japan. Gotcha golf g.t.. What a cracking car yeah. Forty two grand order to grant can’t go wrong with that. Great cars. Never ever been disappointed. You’re right. [21.3]

[00:41:28] And I still to this day love the line that Jeremy Clarkson wheeled out when the Golf gpi came came out first. He said you can drive it to the shops. Sedately Philip with his shopping and then drive home like your hair’s on fire. [12.3]

[00:41:42] It’s actually not a bad life. Now we want something sporty and something that gives you a bit of a workout getting in and out of a point that no double reverse overhead come thrust and you’re into the Toyota 86. [12.5]

[00:41:55] Around 30 grand 29 1990 of course it’s got its Subaru twin. So you’re kind of in with Rachel by radios. Yes that’s right. [7.4]

[00:42:02] And I know how much he loves loves her subaru’s. Do they do all yours come with the CBT by the way. Oh look I think they do. Oh no no no he’s got the manual. [12.8]

[00:42:18] And of course you don’t look really those two cars at 86 in the suit. Ruby Ed are about as much fun as you can have in a car. Correct. They’re not the fastest thing in the world by a long shot but they are just a car that just puts smiles on your faces. It’s good to take the milk bar you kind of look for excuses to drive them. [17.7]

[00:42:36] Very much so. I love you my age and I think there’s eight eight or 10 of them in Melbourne. [6.9]

[00:42:45] The other thing of course is families families want as we were saying or you want to an SUV and a really nice one as the Master see x 9 car of the last year. [10.4]

[00:42:55] Yeah. And the price fits into the price range quite nicely. It starts at 42 to 9 9 you believe the one that’s forty eight ninety I think is probably the best value and even the top of the range tops at just on the 60 mark. But what a magnificent car they are so good it really does feel like it’s worth a lot more money than it actually is. All right so we’ve got three subaru’s 226 a golf GTA in a Mazda 6 9. SIMON What are you what’s your contribution to this week’s garage. [26.3]

[00:43:22] Well I think I kind of missed the briefing last time and this is that is it going first build out all these crappy. I forgot to mention my Lamborghini and the dog colony that I always wanted. Yes. [13.2]

[00:43:35] So this week I mean you know how much I love kids I probably have to mention the friends the first family option. You know you get a great build quality with care and it just looks really good. It drives really well. It’s a fantastic option. I just have to choose another career. [14.8]

[00:43:51] You’re right. A scale that was car of the year too by the way 2015 so I only picked last year by the six nine. [5.8]

[00:43:56] So on the other end of the scale other end of the scale would probably go it that. I mean there’s such a quality seller at the moment whether it’s the Maza three or racheal say six. You know if you have a sedan like that I’m sure you’ll be happy with a small family or a single person. And once again you get really good value for money. Build quality. [21.5]

[00:44:18] Everything really great so young Mazda 6 I’d say that 3 4 3 right. OK. Gotcha. All right. [6.0]

[00:44:24] And for your final contribution to the behind the wheel garage under 60 grand. [4.2]

[00:44:29] Well something a bit more fun something sporty along the lines of Pete’s golf. [4.5]

[00:44:33] Gpi I’d probably say the pose a threat your hgt I did something to show it this fast it’s compact. It’s got nice European style. It looks great and it goes like a rocket. [12.6]

[00:44:46] You’re absolutely right. I actually had that first car on my list as well the throw a GDI you go take your mind Chris. That’s exactly right. We can share that. I tell you what I’ll take the Peugeot threeway duty to 70 with its red bum and you can have the 250. I’m jumping on rachel’s bandwagon as well and I’m having a Subaru in the garage and just update it for 2018. Still one of the best value cars at 39 990. It’s as fast as a rocket. It’s got a heap of space in it. Beautiful build quality. Love it. And look you know really nobody else has got one. We’ve got to have a V8. My garage and if we’re going to do it why not have a six point two litre less three under the bonnet of a Commodore s.s.v red line. Right. Only just sneaks in under the 60 grand at 59 nine. Seventy two. But hey we’ve got there we’ve made it all. I’ll take the manual version if it’s cheaper I don’t know. But I think that’s a pretty pretty good garage. The golf gpi the tour 86 the Mazda 6 9 0 3 0 8 Subaru w Rex the s.s.v red line. The key is sorento in the Mazda 3. We’ve nailed it. Now all we need the money to go buy them. [1:05.0]

[00:45:53] Yes that’s one problem I’ll be trying to get almagor the lotto shop is exactly what I was going to say. [6.5]

[00:46:00] Right guys it’s always been great. Thank you very much have a good weekend. Bye. [6.0]


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