Behind the Wheel Podcast 459

It’s a whopper Behind the Wheel Car Podcast

The Takata Airbag Scandal continues to drag on and it’s really hit home here in Australia in the last week.

Tens of thousands of cars are being recalled and we’ll bring you details on what you need to do, and how to find out if your car is affected.

Jaguar set a Guinness World Record by barrel rolling one of the brand’s new SUV’s - the E-Pace. James Scrimshaw was there and here’s got all the info.

Joel Helmes has been back in the top end hanging with the guys from HAVAL.

Sounds like these guys have some big plans, but have run into some hurdles - we’ll get the details.

Subaru have added more performance to the already brilliant WRX. David Rowley from Subaru Australia will tell us what else they’ve done to the updated ‘Rex’.

Simon Lai has been driving the 2017 Kia Cerato - we’ll find out if it still stacks up.

Justin Smith from 3AW & 2UE drops by to tell us about his new car.

We’ve had a great listener question from John Paul, so Pete, Chris, Rachael and Simon team up to fill a 12-car garage. Some cars you’d never expect get thrown in to the mix!

This week’s Behind the Wheel - it’s like a super-sized value meal - don’t miss a mouthful!

Behind the Wheel Car Podcast Episode 0459 Transcript:

[00:00:00] So here for a big ride today. We’re going to take you for a barrel roll. That’s right 270 degree speed in all check. It [8.2]

[00:00:08] just sounds so you Krista Vernon’s Jaguar setting a Guinness World Record. Barrel rolling one of the brand new SUV, the E-pace. James scrimshaw’s is going to be here is going to tell us all about how it was done exactly. [11.3]

[00:00:19] There’s word on the all new version of the w r x well known or newbert an updated version for 2018. And whilst it will be the same price it has got to go faster and handle better. David rowley from Subaru joins us with more news on that. [14.2]

[00:00:34] We’ll be talking to Rachel Franco later on and Simon Lai as well. Now Simon has been driving the 2017 keir serrato. He’s always been a key man and I can understand why. Because they make great cars and he tells us what he thinks of the Kirs serrato for 2017. [14.6]

[00:00:49] I seem to remember being a really good steer myself. We’re also going to get Simon along with Rachel to help us tackle the listener question we got from John Paul. He’s given us an unlimited fund of money and wants us to fill a 10 car garage. I reckon that’s probably the best exercise we will have ever done and by and I don’t think I could possibly level it down to just 10 cars if I had unlimited funds I’d want to buy more. Yeah now I hear what you’re saying but look I reckon I could cope with 10 cars a we’ve got in fact Joel Helms live from Darwin he’s up there with the have all guys of course the Chinese SUV manufacturer that have big plans for this country. We’ll find out what they are. And now celebrity spot this week talkback radio host Justin Smith who you’ll know from two U.S. and three IOW if you’re from Melbourne or Sydney and he’s just bought himself a new car and it would seem. He’s head over heels in love. He loves that car. Now we do need to get a little serious because again in the news this week we’ve heard about the takata airbag scandal. We’ve been following this scandal from the time the news first broke. And essentially what it is to Cada have basically had an airbag that is faulty it can deteriorate over time and in certain conditions the canister which holds the explosive inside the air bag to make it work can actually fracture. So pieces of the canister can come out into the cabin. Now there are like shrapnel like that. [1:22.6]

[00:02:12] It’s potentially deadly. A bullet is deadly resides with the with the face of somebody who’s driving the car or their neck. And fatal injuries. It’s just horrendous and things like we talked about in Darwin just a few weeks ago where a very minor accident ended up in life threatening injuries because this car was installed with one of these takata airbags. Now it turns out the controversy seems to grow as the list of cars with these airbags grows. But to also we’re hearing that there’s a possibility that sometimes when these cars have been recalled the airbags they’re replacing them with are again to Cada airbags and they will need to be replaced again at some stage down the track because Decatur itself the berm and the company behind these airbags has gone into administration getting replacement parts to fix this recall is proving a real challenge for some of the car manufacturers. But it’s just an absolute mess. It’s a mess. [54.2]

[00:03:06] Now how would you be if you’d taken your car back to the dealership first. Having identified that your car is one of those involved and that’s no easy task either. You take it back. Have it replaced and they replace it with another takata airbag. Well then you’re left with the question do we. Is this one safe. Do we have to look at it down the track when it potentially could have deteriorated. [21.6]

[00:03:28] This is just a mess and when’s the timeframe like I mean is do it in a year. You do it in two years. I know we’ve heard that some times people in more tropical climates deteriorates quicker. So if you’re in Brisbane or you’re in Hobart you know what’s what’s the timeframe there. I in fact my car was I’ve got a Honda Accord. Euro was one of the cars in the family. I’ve taken it for the recall had the airbag replaced. I can get a straight answer out of the dealership as to what airbags they have put back in the car. I can’t get them to return my calls. And I’ve told them seven times in the last two days and I cannot get an answer out of them. [32.5]

[00:04:01] That is quite shocking and quite honestly. Dealers should be doing their best if dealers want to look for continued patronage. They should be doing their best to answer people’s questions set their minds at rest not just refused to take questions or refuse to return calls. That is just not good enough. And the other problem is how do you know whether your car is involved. Fortunately we do have the details available at the Web site. That’s right. [25.7]

[00:04:26] Exactly. So if you’ve got a behind the wheel dot com or you basically if you own a BMW or Chrysler Dodge a Ferrari a Ferrari owner a Honda a jeep a Lexus a Mitsubishi a Mazda Nissan a Toyota or a Subaru even a Ford Models from those brands have all been affected by this this recall from Carter go to behind the wheel dot com. You establish whether your car’s there. And you’ll also see some information that’s been put out by choice magazine and the a.s.c. as two courses of action to take. But the key is. Get in touch with the dealer get the airbag fixed and demand to know what airbags they’re replacing. Absolutely. I don’t think we can do any more than that. That’s the problem. You know and other than parking the car up and not driving it what are we supposed to do. There’s just no answers and it’s it’s it’s just it’s it’s a disgrace. It really is. [48.7]

[00:05:15] It really is. There have been several scandals over recent years in the automotive industry. But this is the one that’s potentially possibly the worst of all. [8.3]

[00:05:25] Behind the wheel own these we need those polden fans who love a sports tune Commodore. [6.7]

[00:05:32] Well we no longer find an SS badged car anymore. [3.3]

[00:05:36] Instead I’ll have to make do with what’s going to be called the Commodore V X are the vieques SA will be powered by 235 kilowatt 380 one Newton metre three point six litre v 6 engine with a nine speed auto and all wheel drive with torque vectoring technology right front brainbow brake sports tune suspension continuous damping 20 inch alloys adaptive LCD headlights with head up display heated and ventilated leather seats. [25.9]

[00:06:02] It’s got it all. [0.7]

[00:06:03] You can see the new Commodore in action at Lang Lang now at our website. Behind the wheel dot com dot How are you. [5.1]

[00:06:08] Well history shows it was joint behind the wheel car of the winner last year but the only trouble with the fabulous BMW m-2 was just getting your hands on one BMW. [9.3]

[00:06:17] Australia has really struggled to keep up with the demand for this car with more than six hundred seventy already finding a loving Australian homes. [7.3]

[00:06:25] We now have a much larger allocation so if you want a BMW m-2 and who doesn’t need to do now is well come up with the cash and head to BMW dealer the Holden Captiva is about to become a thing of the past and in its place the new North American sourced SUV known as the equinox landing in Australia in November. [16.6]

[00:06:41] The new medium SUV will be offered to Australian buyers with a choice of three engines. [4.2]

[00:06:46] The top spec equinox comes with the 188 kilowatt engine with nine speed auto. It’s the same engine and transmission you’ll find in the new fully imported Holden Commodore. [9.6]

[00:06:55] The other two engines will include the 127 kilowatt one point five litre turbo petrol and also in the mix a 100 kilowatt one point six leader turbo diesel four cylinder. [9.7]

[00:07:05] It might not be the safest car on the road but the Ford Mustang is certainly a whole heap of fun. [4.3]

[00:07:10] Now the V8 powered version gets up and moves even quicker with a new dragstrip mode. [4.7]

[00:07:15] It’s not yet confirmed for Australia but the new drive mode helps propel the pony car to a 100 K an hour in less than 4 seconds which makes it quicker than a 911 corera how is forward done there. Well they’ve tweaked the fuel injection and this has helped boost the 5 litre engine up to 343 kilowatts. There’ll be some significant changes to the new Jaguar X J in 2018 including a new variant the x J are 575. [24.3]

[00:07:40] That’ll be the new performance flagship available only in standard wheelbase the 5 litre supercharges V8 now delivers fought under twenty three kilowatts and 700 Newton mean. [9.5]

[00:07:49] Wow. Does not do a hundred four point four seconds. It also gets distinctive styling enhancements including a new rear spoiler side sills front bumper all the usual bits and pieces. There’s also new safety tech driving aids and so on. Such as for traffic detection designed to help when visibility is restricted lane keep assessed and also of course autonomous emergency braking will Volvo have announced they’ll be unveiling the new x 40 to complete the Swedish car companies SUV range coming on the back of the impressive new generation XY 90 and soon to launch its 60. The XY 40 will be the first ever small SUV from Volvo and is a promise the new offering will offer an extensive range of personalization options. [40.5]

[00:08:30] After the dramas of the last couple of years in general shift away from diesels among car buyers. It’s probably not really surprised to hear that Porsche is considering ditching diesels altogether. [9.3]

[00:08:40] The CEO of bosher has told reporters that a decision will be made by the sports car and SUV maker on the future of diesel at the end of this decade. [7.7]

[00:08:47] Now Porsche of course has had diesel cars since 2009 and today they make up 15 percent of all porsche’s sales. But what would replace diesel engines. Well it was suggested that it be a mix of combustion engines as well as plug in hybrids and fully electric power trains. [14.1]

[00:09:02] The small number of car manufacturers dragging their feet on offering digital radio Oby Plus should take note of new Australian radio listenership data reveal this week. [9.0]

[00:09:11] That’s right. The g.f. case survey says which covers digital and Internet radio listenership says there’s an average of 400000 listeners in each capital city. And the data shows. Believe it or not. Coles radio is number one in Sydney only. While it seems Melbourne and Brisbane might have more taste with Double J being the most popular a rolls-royce will take on arch rivals Bentley with a new ultra luxurious SUV the rolls-royce cullinan the inaugural Rolls Royce SUV will be in dealerships early next year offering was photographed at a crash test site and the all wheel drive model is said to be the very latest stages of development. [36.5]

[00:09:47] It’s expected to be powered by the same V12 engine as found under the bonnet of the stablemate the rolls-royce Phantom. There are even reports that a possible plug in hybrid power train from the parent company BMW could be in the mix. [11.4]

[00:09:59] Down the track or while we’re on cars with the British heritage the new Lotus has just been unveiled in the U.K. the lotus of warrior g.t. 430 limited to a production run of only 60 cars. It’s the most powerful road legal Lotus ever built. [13.8]

[00:10:13] Boasting a 320 kilowatt and 440 Newton metres super charged three point five leader six Lotus is talking a three point eight second sprint to 100 kilometres an hour. [9.9]

[00:10:23] It’s all wrapped up in a hand built body weighing just over one point two tons. No word yet though on whether any of those 60 cars will be coming to Australia. Of course we’ll keep you up to date behind the wheel. Dot com dot. [11.0]

[00:10:35] Yes. Some exciting cars to deal with this week. We’re going to go barrel rolling set a Guinness world record with J’accuse shortly. But that’s the sort of thing I see you doing in the car park. I don’t know if you’re role but I think I’m learning. I don’t think I’d be very successful if I look at a car that I know you and I have loved I think probably since it first ever came out it’s been through a couple of guises and it’s looked unusual at times it’s had some bug eyes here and there and it doesn’t matter how it sounds and how it drives them. Of course what else will we be talking about. [33.7]

[00:11:09] But the lwr X from Subaru if it’s an iconic car and our friends at Subaru have done some nice things for it for the model year upgrade for 2018 and to tell us what they are. It’s our good friend David rally from a Subaru good. David welcome back to behind the wheel. [15.0]

[00:11:24] Hi guys great to talk again. [1.7]

[00:11:26] David do you get to take these cars for a spin before they’re actually released on the market do you think. Right. I know there’s a suspension upgrade coming I’m going to take it around the proving ground and just test it out for myself. [10.8]

[00:11:37] Look I don’t want to make you green with envy but occasionally we do. [4.7]

[00:11:42] We do a lot of our local testing in Australia to make sure they set up for our conditions. So we do get to have those things and make sure that they’re appropriate for our unique roads. And yes it’s a nice part of the job I’ve got to tell you. [14.1]

[00:11:57] Now Chris mentioned it in the introduction how Rex has gone through a few unusual looks and you know sort of there’s been a bit of a winding road there. Does the appearance of the car affect the sails. I mean do you you find that that one particular model year run wasn’t as huge as the one that followed. [18.5]

[00:12:15] I guess the one that you mentioned the so-called bad guy or the round guys. We prefer to call it was it was one that caused some controversy at the time. Interestingly the sales didn’t really trail off too much with that car. And over time there are people now who actually find it quite attractive. That didn’t do so when we released it. But to put it in perspective look at the sales of Rex and sdi. Now back to what they were in the late 90s. Many people consider the heyday of the cart. And we don’t actually do a lot of marketing on them. So I guess that’s an indication that they have such a strong loyal base and they’ve expanded their customer appeal as well. With the automatic versions in the in the wreck’s in particular. So it’s good to see new people coming into both the cars. Yeah. [54.3]

[00:13:10] And they’re certainly very nice looking these days I reckon I like the look of the car. [3.4]

[00:13:14] Yeah yeah indeed. Now you touched on automatic there. David I remember when was first mooted it would be an automatic aurochs. The motoring industry was scoffing at how ridiculous. I think you guys have proved them wrong with were some really strong sales in the auto models. [16.2]

[00:13:31] Oh look I should probably whisper this but depending upon the month quite often now we sell more autos than we do manuals and you are x. So it goes to show things do change over time. But it’s great that we can still offer the choice to people and the linear Tronic cvt and its sports guys is certainly achieve broader acceptance. [23.7]

[00:13:55] Excellent. Now we got you here to find out what’s going on with the model year 2018 Subaru. What do new bits and pieces can we expect to find and pick up. [9.2]

[00:14:04] Oh look here it’ll take me 20 minutes to rattle them off. But now there are a number of mechanical and cosmetic changes not least the introduction of eyesight in the auto w r x which. Is our driver assist system which by the end of this year it’ll be in about 80 percent of the car right across the Subaru range. [18.7]

[00:14:23] Wow. But for the performance fans there’s a wonderfully named you read performance brake pads for W R X which of course they saw during that period as a race. [13.3]

[00:14:39] But the faid resistance that they provide is incredible. Then the great thing is that with Rex the starting price hasn’t changed it’s still 39 to 4 to 40. [10.2]

[00:14:49] That’s what I meant to say because I could see you with your calculator out over there going there. How much extra expense cost. I was thinking about that. You know look I mean from a value equation. Under 40 grand for a car that offers performance like that. [11.8]

[00:15:02] Yeah. And the amazing thing is you know at that price point is not far from where it was introduced in. When was it in 1994. So for people that think cars haven’t improved in value. Gosh I have. When you look at the level of kit it’s got it. Now this is what it had all those years ago. [16.8]

[00:15:19] Well for anyone interested. Head to our website right now behind the wheel dot com dot. There you’ll see the wrecks the SETI the spec are all in all its glory. Lots of pics. All the information you need. And a big thanks to David rally from 7 rufer keeping us up to date. Thanks buddy. [14.2]

[00:15:33] Thanks so much guys. [0.9]

[00:15:34] Talk to you now. We brought you last week of a Guinness world record set by our good friends at Jaguar. Now these guys I know how to launch a car. You’ll remember when the air space was launched. It did that full thing. You know it was kind of like I got the hot wheels set out and looked at the most extreme thing on what we’ll set and then let’s make it lifesize and let’s put an F face through it. And it certainly worked a treat well not to be outdone does an all new SUV coming from jaguar it’s called the pace and they’ve gone nuts with this as I said set a world record. The man was there to witness it all. Good friend of behind the wheel it is James Scrimshaw today. James welcome back to the show. [39.0]

[00:16:13] Thank you very much. Thanks for having me on. Yeah it was a spectacular event really great to see. [4.0]

[00:16:18] So essentially the new payslips just established what this car is it’s obviously a little SUV another SUV from Jaguar that’s a bit smaller than the f pace. [10.5]

[00:16:28] Yeah that’s right. It’s a five seat SUV compact SUV but with a performance edge to it. It’s it’s being launched with five new engines all Jaguar Land Rover engines all in genuine engines. But it’s sort of there’s a lot of Jaguar personality in this car lot of Jaguar DNA and there’s styling cues about type right through the vehicle including a one of the type engines. It also fitted to this vehicle. [23.2]

[00:16:52] How does it drive. Is it got jag’s DNA in it. [2.5]

[00:16:55] Absolutely. So a lot of time and effort has been put into the chassis. The suspension is similar to vehicles like the FAA. So it has the same sort of aluminium rear suspension set up the on the vehicle adaptive dynamics as well fitted to this vehicle and up to 21 inch wheels. So it’s why it’s really going to be a performance SUV and really the sports car of this segment. I guess we would like a position of that. [25.5]

[00:17:21] So. So how big is it. JS Because the f pace I love I love the unique sizing of the F pace because it’s kind of it’s not quite as big as an x 5 for example from BMW but not as small as an x ray it just sits in that that’s kind of really sort of perfectly sized sort of whole. So the pace is obviously smaller. Yeah. [15.4]

[00:17:37] Yeah. Just a little bit smaller. So this would be about four point four meters in length. So sit in just about everyone’s garage in fact that it’s no longer than something like a Ford Focus when you actually line them up side by side. So another vehicle very similar range rover a boat another vehicle from the. They will put a similar size if you’re trying to get an idea of how big it is and how it would fit in your life. And I’m sure winning in Callon being the man responsible for the design would be Tardis like in the breakers room inside there is yeah lots and lots of styling lots of design little elements that you know you’ll pick up when you sit in the car and see what he’s done to it. But sitting in that vehicle and sitting in the driver’s seat you think you’re driving an F type. It’s the same sort of look and feel. So the Interior design the grab handles the even the gear shifter has the same gear shift as in the f type. So there’s really put a lot of effort into this vehicle. Two and a half years of hard work bringing this to market. So just a few engines in the range I’d like to mention. Diesel 110 kilowatt also there’s a 132 kilowatt version which is you may have seen some of the other jaylo products. And then we also have a twin turbo 177 kilowatt 500 meters version of that same thing with a diesel. So quite a powerful diesel. [1:17.8]

[00:18:55] And then on the hundred meters out of a two litre it was a ton of it. [3.6]

[00:18:59] It’s amazing that you’re able to get that and the fuel economy will be fantastic on such a small vehicle as well. And I’m petrol brandnew petrol 183 kilowatt and a 220 one kilowatt four cylinder to the petrol which is also going to be shown in the appetite from September onwards so it’s a brand new engine and fantastic torque 400 metres of torque out of the two a petrol engine which is just unheard of. You only see that in diesel. And you know it’s just amazing. This new generation of petrels. [31.6]

[00:19:31] So everyone out there we all love Jack we all. We love the xcept sedan one of the prettiest Saloon’s out there the SC. It’s one of my favourite cars. But look they all tend to be a little bit expensive and certainly on journalist wages at least. I just like somebody to giving me a drive. Yeah right. I must say I never fell off my chair when I heard what the entry level price is likely to be for the new space. [26.3]

[00:19:58] Right. We’re going to see price under forty eight thousand dollars on road costs. So we’ve managed to get under 50000 and that’s for an all wheel drive diesel with a one speed automatic. It would be quite an option type of vehicle. And I think it’s a terrific job that the guys have done getting this this car in at this price to put it in perspective. [21.8]

[00:20:20] You can spend an awful lot more on a Volkswagen Tig or a Mazda 6 5 you can actually have a car SUV in your garage with a Jaguar badgett genuine Jaguar front of 50 grand that’s that’s sensational stuff. [11.8]

[00:20:32] Yeah I hope so and there will be different models and the range will have S S T H A C etc. and also a first edition so that first edition price was around the 80000 dollar mark but the entire range between 50000 and early 80s is you’ll get to basically choose any any engine any spec and then you look you’d like. [19.2]

[00:20:52] Now look what we really want to hear about is this Guinness world record you guys set your barrel rolled at a pace like literally launched it off ramp it did this being landed and nobody got hurt. [12.0]

[00:21:05] No it was it was amazing. Terry Grant who’s done a lot of stuff for us you mentioned he did the the look before and I saw that little guy that was standing on the front line. That was amazing. Scary. I’m sorry for your colleagues but amazed at the work they put into this. There’s a lot of work talking about the g forces and the speed they need to keep it going. In fact this jump was five point five times g force on Terry’s body when he landed just this sort of impact from that roll. And he was 15 meters in length. We rolled the vehicle 270 degrees in the air as a corkscrew and landed it on its wheels and drove on. So it is a pretty good test that was actually the last test of two and a half years of pretty gruelling testing this is the final test to launch this kind of a market and how many goals did you have at it and how many models do we not actually see. [53.5]

[00:21:58] Because they want to it one vehicle thirty three times we crashed. In fact we drove it autonomously or basically with a robot. Thirty three times we didn’t have Terry do it every time but we basically rolled it through the air and there’s a video on YouTube you might want to catch you can just see what we did and the work involved in creating this lifestyle. Yep. [19.5]

[00:22:18] You can see it on our website. Amazing. It’s at our Web site right now behind the wheel dot com. Basically what they did was like one of those big inflatable kind of sort of mats at the the Jaguar rolled on to so it was all inflated. They did the rolan there at langlands like you know being on a jumping castle. It’s incredible footage to watch. My question James is how close to a car that we’ll see in the showrooms. Was this vehicle that actually did did the role. [25.0]

[00:22:44] Well it look a little bit better and I hope it’s not a second hand when I’m in the showroom. Look there there were a few minor safety modifications on there were a few things worked well together. There was a roll cage that was put right through the car which gave it that extra stability and structural steel whether it was rolling so it’s the suspension system. That we’ll see all the body panels the engine everything was a one vehicles a production vehicle or what you will see in a production vehicle so it wasn’t something we built out of a rollcage or a space frame just for this test. This was a production vehicle and the world record was to jump it with a production vehicle. [37.9]

[00:23:22] So that’s what we were examined on for anyone else listening out there that hasn’t seen the pace go to behind the wheel dot com you all the videos all the pictures are there. And look James I keep an ear on the radio for the rest of the show. We’ve got a good friend coming in. Justin Smith. You may have heard of him from a to b and three IAW great broadcaster. He’s bought himself a new car. It might have come from your stable and you should hear what he has to say about it later in the show. [23.7]

[00:23:46] Absolutely will do. I look forward to that. [1.6]

[00:23:47] Welcome back to behind the wheel have all their constantly growing and improving their range of suvs in Australia. And have a model coming along next year which could be a real game changer. But they do have a few problems getting their cars in front of potential Australian buyers. Joel helmes caught up with havel’s chief marketing officer Tim Smith. He says the brand’s running into problems getting the other car brands to allow dealers to also offer the havel product. [21.6]

[00:24:09] We’ve had a significant number of setbacks that aren’t due to the dealers reluctance to move forward, it’s a frustrating exercise because you go through a long period of due diligence from both sides and then only to be told that that other OEMs have rejected the application. It’s frustrating because we’re not asking for any additional space. All we want is a fair go. Consumers ultimately need competition to drive product and at the moment I think from from what we’ve seen so far it just seems an inordinate amount of rejections, it is somewhat complementary I think. The sad thing is its dealers and customers are the ones that are missing out. I think it’sun fair. [57.5]

[00:25:07] Now of course a lot of people would be familiar with called Justin Smith if you certainly lived in Melbourne or in Sydney and you listen to talkback radio Well he’s the man he was all over to you. For years he’s always all over three a.w. that’s the one and it just so happens our studios are adjacent to his and he’s wondering pasts if we can’t track him in the studio. [19.2]

[00:25:26] Justin Smith you’ve just purchased a wonderful car. Tell us about it and what the reasons are. Just to let the time roll on here as I discuss a Jaguar XF I bought which is which is just the most stunning. I was telling somebody about it yesterday this is how I described it. [16.3]

[00:25:43] It’s like marrying a beautiful woman. I’m worried that she might be a little full of herself and that other people would want to. But then finding out that all she wants to do is cook and make love. [9.2]

[00:25:54] That’s what it’s like having this car. [1.8]

[00:25:56] It is just the greatest thing I’ve had approached about two or three weeks now and it is just it’s just lovely it’s got a lot of diesel in it. I might point out that they dropped the price of petrol the second I bought it but we’ll leave that leave that to one side. But it a V6 diesel and it has that lovely little. It’s got the quietness of the road noise but it’s still you can hear the engine roar through you know just gently with that gear JAG gurgled underneath and I love it. It’s the most wonderful thing ever. [29.3]

[00:26:26] I wonder have you spoken to the marketing people at Jaguar about your reasons for butting in your thoughts about the car. You have a new career in advertising. [9.1]

[00:26:36] Yeah I know. Look I would discuss it for them and as long as I could sort of take out any cars there I said I’d just say I said to my chair I said this this is it it is jag’s for me for the race. I’ve always wanted one. Finally got one and I said to them it even if I need to sell one of you at some point it’ll be for me jaggs for the rest of my life I’m absolutely and utterly sold on the things. [24.5]

[00:27:00] And that’s funny because the person who rescued jaguar the Indian entrepreneur who rescued Jaguar had a similar love affair with jag’s finally bought one and then bought the company. [11.4]

[00:27:12] He said you can keep your Louis Pasteur was an Albert Einstein. Whoever saved the company Jag is a nice man. Absolutely. My man now it’s gorgeous. [9.8]

[00:27:22] Thank you Justin. Time for a quick break. We’re back with Simon. Rachel some listener questions and a whole lot more behind the wheel at the moment. [6.6]

[00:27:29] I know everyone’s been waiting for. Kind anomalies earlier in the show and we’ve already had phone calls going. Where is he is he on is he OK. Yes he’s on. Oh yes. I’m sorry. Hi Simon how are you going my boy. [11.2]

[00:27:40] How are you. Hi kiddo. Good to talk to you. What have you been driving. [3.1]

[00:27:44] Yeah well I am calling you from sunny ipswitch home of some infamous politician with a key as a writer. [8.2]

[00:27:52] Have you stopped and got yourself a potato cake or potato scallop depending on what part of the country come from. [4.5]

[00:27:58] No not yet. How we got around to that. [1.3]

[00:27:59] Right. OK. Well I would advise you not to I go red rooster if I was you. SIMON I you driving the car you serrato you say. [6.8]

[00:28:06] Yes that’s right. This one is the best model. And I know that Joe was recently driven the fight which is the second specification on that here. OK. But this one is the entry level one. [11.2]

[00:28:17] Great. I seem to remember the last time I drove a skier cerrado. I kind of came away from a going you know this car actually really good. It’s a good little steel like it handles right. It’s got to a point like it’s not a ball of fire but it kind of gets up and zips along in every other way. [15.2]

[00:28:33] It’s very good don’t you think Simon. Because it seems to be nicely finished. It looks good. It goes well. It’s got to 1727 your warranty cap servicing. What else is there. [9.0]

[00:28:42] Yeah well you summed it all up at the end just the end of our conversation. [3.2]

[00:28:47] So I really don’t know what more you will tell me. [4.0]

[00:28:51] Does it have the does it had the anchor points for the baby seat for instance. [4.0]

[00:28:55] Oh they do actually. Finally you should say that it does have the rear end. But then on the on the feedback’s they’re like on the floor. So if you don’t have a long enough drought you probably need one of those expensive straps but like I said I mean I’ve always been a fan of car you guys know that everything they churn out is really quality from the basic stuff right up to the you know the luxury stuff. And this is no different. I mean it is only a base model so it’s fairly basic. You don’t have a touchscreen or anything it’s just a very simple LCD display. But you know everything else that’s in there are just satisfactory things that you need for a car just to go about count how much we’re you’re looking at 22000 for the base model. [49.0]

[00:29:44] That’s our mission. [0.7]

[00:29:46] Yeah it’s a bit short on features. And you know the pick up is not so fantastic like it’s a bit a bit lag with the acceleration although when you put into the sport mode is a bit punchy but not so smooth really. You said you know everything else is good about it. It has a really solid construction and it handles quite well and comes with just the basic features that you need for this type of car. [25.0]

[00:30:11] Yeah and look I mean it’s got some good engineering behind it and I think it’s it’s a tried and trusted model a lot of people don’t realize it shares pretty much everything with a Hyundai 30 because Hyundai is essentially the same company. [10.9]

[00:30:22] Yeah they are but I’ve always been more of a fan of care even though they have similar products even simple as the dash design. [8.5]

[00:30:31] I just I just prefer a little bit here I guess. Yeah. [4.4]

[00:30:35] A bit clean and the key is that key is like the cool cousin. You know that Monday sort of you know the the one that sort of you know went to uni and kind of never went out on the weekends whereas kids like the party animal of the correct car manufacturer. [13.1]

[00:30:50] Interesting way to look for something you know. [2.3]

[00:30:53] And I agree with you as well Simon. I’ve always liked the entire key arrangement. [5.0]

[00:30:58] I think they just make fantastic cars. They’re well-designed. They do indeed. Now I’m sorry Robert we’ve got you here we’ve had a couple of questions come back. I’ll come through on the email feedback at. Behind the wheel dot com you and lots people kind of regularly e-mail saying should we buy this one or should we buy that one and occasionally with some good ones. We think it’s worth talking about on the show. And in fact our John Paul sent us an email and say I really like this kind of question. If money wasn’t a problem and we had a 10 car garage to fill what would we fill it with. So Simon I’m going to get some nominations for me I want three cars from you and I think it’s at about this time we should dealt wheeler out as we do each and every week. [36.8]

[00:31:36] It is gorgeous Rachel Franco Welcome back to behind the wheel. [2.6]

[00:31:40] I want three cars from you rage. Only three cars from you two in a minute but let’s go with Simon first because Simon I know he does have probably the biggest fan base of his all here at behind the wheel and I’m sure people are more interested in you know what kind of car. So let’s get to be getting around. Yes. [15.2]

[00:31:55] Tell us why is there a Ferrari guy having me on. [4.1]

[00:32:01] That is an interesting proposition. Having a tank car garage and you know certainly if you fill it with the options are endless. But I’ll start with something a little little bit left field. We just mentioned here. And one of my favourite here offerings was the clear process of production now. But at the time one of my favourite cars I really loved the wheel Hatch really zippy. It’s just really well put together. You only came manuals so that’s probably what led it down. But I’d probably choose one of the things that go in my garage. This is one of those little fine runabouts. [35.6]

[00:32:38] So I love it. [1.0]

[00:32:39] What else beyond that. We’ve spoken about this recently. This sort of fills my sporty luxury category. And it would have to be the Tesla model. I mean that’s being really packs a punch. Yeah. A wonder of modern technology and the way the future has fantastic performance and features and technology. And you know it’s just once again an indulgence you just have to have a model S or Model X the SUV probably the be the comeback. [29.3]

[00:33:09] Yeah. [0.2]

[00:33:09] Fantastic. I was cut to two choices and the third. [3.6]

[00:33:13] Well this is probably my pragmatic side wanting to have something that is capacity can carry people around who can throw the kids in there you can carry a lot of stuff I’d have to say to the people mover Samsung young. [13.2]

[00:33:28] Yes exactly. [0.8]

[00:33:30] So I say well maybe like a Hyundai IMAX or once again maybe a care carnival just something like that where you’ve got many seats and a lot of capacity just you know a lot of people. [12.9]

[00:33:44] Which one is it then. Oh that’s the hard one is it. I might have to stick it here. [4.5]

[00:33:49] I think so yeah. No. No. OK. Fair enough. Not what I would have expected. I mean but look great contribution and there’s three spots of the garage fill. We are of course going for a 12 car garage. We just kind of taken time and we are running with it a bit further. What would you have in your garage. [15.5]

[00:34:04] Well I’ve been thinking about this for a few minutes. And here’s the thing I like give you the contenders some of the contenders right. And these aren’t all necessarily current cars. Right. Doesn’t matter. OK. We well a lot of thanks to Germany. Mercedes Benz for four actually inventing the car there that three wheel cars thing that you would like. Yeah yeah. It was patented before anybody else was doing. Yeah. Yeah. When [23.4]

[00:34:28] they invented that was I got my licence on the VW Beetle which was hard for the people in the Audi Quattro. [10.0]

[00:34:38] When that came out in the 70s I think it’s an amazing an awesome car. Japan have done a lot with cars but I suppose you’d have to say they have pioneered hybrids in recent times. Electric cars back in the early. But hybrids So we have to maybe. Thank Japan for that. I’m not sure that I’d necessarily have a Prius in the collection but never mind one in there. No I don’t think so. No no no. America Well the Ford Mustang is a car that changed the world as did the team model Ford which is a production line motoring. I also love the Lincoln Continentals from the 60s. They were about three blocks long just luxurious looking from France. One of my favourite looks which is the Citroen d.s. palace from awesome car. Oh gosh they’re just so stunning to this day a loved one. I mean maybe a little too CV as well if you really like a car that looks a bit like a snail and isn’t particularly environmentally friendly unfortunately because they’re being banned in parts of Paris because they pump out a bit too much. Yes. Noxious gases from the UK Land Rover which change which in a way brought us the first SUV is Drive one today. You’ll see how far they’ve come. So but you might have a maybe a jag or a Range Rover or something. A Tesla have to have to be a tester in the garage for me as long as I had a power wall to charge it up. So that’s that’s my one car a Citroen DNA. [1:31.7]

[00:36:10] You are the Model S Model X. Well I probably have one of each I think. So that’s two. Wow. That is right on. Oh I don’t know. It’s just really hard. But I mean just a can’t. I love the look of is this the Citroen I just love him to this day. I see him and I think they are unbelievable. [19.5]

[00:36:29] OK so we’re having a test model S test on Model X. Oh no. Do you think in a situation I have your money. Oh no I think the Tesla Model S and the Powerwall. Well you know kind of about the same as a car. Now you get that with it when you buy the car and maybe something from Italy I haven’t even mentioned Italy so maybe we better have a Lamborghini in there just for good measure. [19.2]

[00:36:50] And a four wheel drive much like Simon I would say it I’ll say 100 cars. I think that’s a great idea. Maybe an F pace. There you go. Right. So what do we get to. We’ve got a Tesla Model S Yes an F pace. Yep. And we’ve also got a Lamborghini. That’s right. And do some gym lessons so I can get in and out of the thing you want the Aventador Yes yes yes I get it right. OK. All right that’s good. [31.3]

[00:37:22] Rachel if money is no object I’d get you get they run. I love that. You’re awesome. Stunning even if you don’t drive it to sit there and look at it. Look at it. There it is beautiful. [10.7]

[00:37:33] I am really obsessed with that car restoration. So so I have to put like a late 60s Camaro or an old party or something. It’s been like an old Mustang that’s been sort of restored and brought back to life. I love a classic car like that. [16.5]

[00:37:51] OK. So there you go with the saying Well we know it will be noted down the Mustang. Yeah. Is that right. It’s available on a Mustang and what else. [6.6]

[00:37:58] And I think I might take a seven series BMW as well. [3.2]

[00:38:01] Nice. There are seven series online. And are you going to have somebody to drive it for you. [5.6]

[00:38:07] So you’ve got to show some love. So it’s really cut down my road. [4.1]

[00:38:11] Great. Fantastic. Well I’m going to have the mcclaran 720 Yes I have time Gary. Yes that’s going in the garage. Yeah. I have to absolutely have a Porsche 911 Turbo I can’t not have one of those. You can take it to the racetrack. But you can also take it to Safeway if you need to and to get the luggage to the airport would be a range rover SVR the top of the line range rover drive it every now and again mainly for the chauffeur to drive just to get my luggage to and from the private jet terminal. [32.4]

[00:38:44] We did this for everyone. We didn’t even talk about public transport if you want to chauffeur. No matter what your budget. Public transport. Jagow Give me the range rover anyway. There are always. [11.1]

[00:38:56] We’re running out of time. Thank you so much. Great to talk to you all. I hope you’ll join us again next week for another edition of behind where we drive the new Honda Civic. And we’re driving or this is good. [11.8]

[00:39:08] It’s kind of the BMW M2 to his baby brother. The M 140i performance. It’s a car the size of a Corolla with a twin turbo six cylinder 500 meter engine in it. You get the idea. We will drive. We can tell you all that next week. SIMON Rachel Peter thank you all. [16.1]

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