Behind the Wheel Podcast 456

Behind the Wheel Podcast 456

It a plethora of cars this week!

We’re headed into the red centre this week to get a proper taste of the all-new Land Rover Discovery.

This SUV/4×4 comes to the market with some big expectations.

Joel Helmes will give us the verdict on whether or not the Discovery lives up to them, live from Uluru.

We’ve stumbled across a car lover’s paradise and it’s only an hour away from Sydney; The Gosford Classic Car Museum.

It has an amazing collection and CEO, Ken Grindrod, joins us with details on some extraordinary cars, including Harry Vanda’s Aston Martin V8!

BMW has launched the highly anticipated X3.

Lenore Fletcher has all the details on an important SUV offering for BMW.

We’ll also hear about some Black Fire Edition BMW’s. Yes…Black Fire. We’ll find out the what and the why.

Simon Lai has been living it up in a Nissan X-Trail ST - Nissan‘s 7 seat mid-size SUV.

Rachel Franco makes a welcome return with a plan to get Pete a personalised number plate, and has news on a massive price hike for those people who already have personalised plates.

We’ve just picked the all-new BMW 5 Series - it’s the 530e plug in electric version.

There’s some amazing tech in this sumptuous new offering from BMW, you can get around without using petrol surprisingly easily - we’ll tell you how.

Lots of news around this week - the fastest ever Porsche 911 has just been released, there’s a new V8 Aston Martin, a face-lift for a Maserati, and how much will a new Civic Type R will cost you? We’ve got the details.

Don’t miss this weeks supersized edition of the Behind the Wheel Podcast!

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