Australia now LandCruiser’s biggest market

LandCruiser an Aussie favourite

New sales data out of Japan shows Australia is so in love with the Toyota LandCruiser that we’ve purchased more than any other country on Earth!

That’s a pretty amazing fact when you look at our comparatively quite small population.

Toyota Australia today passed on the news that more Australians have bought a LandCruiser (not including Prado) than customers from any other nation.

More than 1 in 10 Toyota LandCruisers end up in the driveway of an Aussie owner.

It looks like our love-affair with the vehicle is a long way from over.

VFACTS sales data shows 200 Series LandCruiser sales in Australia were up 49.0% last month, sales of the LandCruiser 70 Series jumped 37.6% ahead of the same month in 2016.

While across the first six months of the year sales are up 21.1% and 18.4% respectively.

Toyota Australia sales chief Tony Cramb says the LandCruiser has been and remains a phenomenon.

“Australians, from remote cattlemen to city families, simply love the LandCruiser.”

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