Aussies tipped to back car sharing concept

car dealership interior

Your local new car dealership might soon add another service beyond just buying, selling and servicing cars.

They could also be where you collect your subscription car service.

A new peer to peer car rental platform is about to launch called Carly.

Think smartphone subscription, but for your set of wheels!

They tell us Carly is an alternative to buying, leasing or borrowing money to buy a car, and you can simply switch cars as your tastes or needs change.

It will offer access to a range of new and used vehicles from more than 20 automotive brands and include insurance, registration and maintenance packaged into a single monthly payment with no long-term commitments.

Carly can even deliver the car to the subscriber’s address at the commencement of the subscription and whenever the car is switched.

But are people keen on moving away from the traditional car ownership experience?

Chris Noone is the CEO of Carly, he says the new business is launching at a time when consumer interest in subscription services is surging.

He says people are re-evaluating the merits of making a long-term vehicle purchase commitment.

While Chris says car dealerships are excited about the concept too.

Are you ready to switch away from the traditional car buying model? Let us know your thoughts on car subscription services in the comments section below.

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