February 28, 2019
February 20, 2017

Fee Free Car Classifieds Arrive

Fee Free Car Classifieds Arrive

Behind the Wheel now offers Fee Free Car Classifieds.

Fee Free Car Classifieds Arrive – Private sellers and car dealerships can list their cars for sale free with Behind the Wheel.

You can now sell your car for free on the Behind the Wheel website.

The new Behind the Wheel Fee Free Car Classifieds service is now available and we are looking for listings, both from private sellers and car dealerships.

Behind the Wheel is one of Australia’s leading car review and car news websites, now you can expose your car to our thousands of visitors and followers all for nothing more than the time it takes to submit your car sales listings.

You can list as many of your cars as you like, all entirely for free. There is no asterisk, no minimum or maximum listing conditions and there are zero hidden fees for both private advertisers and car dealerships.

Creating your listings is a quick and simple process and you can even manage your listing right through the advertising/sales process.

So, if you have a car that just isn’t selling elsewhere, or you want to expose your car dealership inventory to a completely new audience, submit your fee free car classifieds ad now.

How do you get started? Just follow this link and list away!

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Joel is the founder and CEO of Behind the Wheel. Joel has a background as a radio broadcaster with on-air roles at 4BC, 4KQ, 2KY, 2LT and 2UE amongst others, as well as a news editor and program director. Joel’s relationship with cars stems back to his early childhood learning to change oil and brakes with his father and uncle. This continued on into his driving years owning an assorted collection of cars.

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