Fade Shade Review

Fade Shade Review

Simon Lai reviews a sun and glare reducer for your car.

Fade Shade Review
Fade Shade comes with an application squeegee and trimming blade.

To install your own window tint, you will need:

-Alpena Fade Shade window tint

-Water/detergent solution

-A blade

-A squeegee

-A cloth


Yes patience, and a lot of it. Like any window tint, the material is sheer and delicate and does require some dexterity, and fortitude, to put into place cleanly and precisely.

Fade Shade Review
Take your time and be patient when installing.

The Alpena Fade Shade is ideal for tinting the top part of your windshield to block out any glare. And at a width of 20cm it’s naturally easier to install.

A small blade and a straight-edged plastic tool are conveniently supplied in the pack which I made use of.

The tint on the Fade Shade is not so dark but cuts out enough sun to be comfortable. From the outside it has a silver/chrome colour and is a little more conspicuous than regular tint.

Fade Shade Review
The finished product from the outside and inside.

Fade Shade has a RRP of $14.99 and is available from auto accessory retailers and the Altrex Auto Accessories on-line store.

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