Engine fault sees Audi A8 recalled

4.2 litre FSI engine affected by water leak that could lead to engine electrical fault…

Engine fault sees Audi A8 recalled

A recall of MY10, MY11, MY12 versions of the Audi A8 has been initiated after a possible fault with the vehicles heating system was identified.

The recall is being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and relates only to Audi A8 vehicles fitted with the 4.2L FSI engine.

In total, 109 Audi A8 vehicles sold in Australia are being recalled.

The ACCC recall notice advises that on affected vehicles fitted with the 4.2L FSI engine, leaks may occur in the solenoid valve which controls the gearbox heating circuit.

What are the hazards?

Fluid from the heating circuit may reach the connector for the engine control unit via the electrical wiring.

If the engine control unit fails, the vehicle may break down. If this occurs while the vehicle is in operation, it may create a traffic hazard.

Audi Australia is contacting all known owners of affected vehicles and inspections and repairs are being carried out at Audi dealerships free of charge.

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