Engine bearing issue sparks Kia recalls

Engine bearing issue sparks Kia recalls

Recall for nearly 5,000 Kia Optimas, Sorentos

A possible engine fault has been identified in certain Kia Optima and Kia Sorento vehicles sold in Australia.

Being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the recall involves TF series Kia Optima cars (2011-2014) and XM series of the Kia Sorento SUV (2013).

Is your Kia affected? Check your VIN here.

The recall notice advises that machining errors during the engine manufacturing process may cause premature bearing wear within the engine.

What are the hazards?

A worn connecting rod bearing will produce a cyclic knocking noise from the engine and may also result in the illumination of the vehicle’s engine warning lamp and/or oil pressure warning lamp in the instrument panel.

If the warnings are ignored and the vehicle continues to be driven, the bearing may fail and the vehicle could stall while in motion, posing an accident hazard.

Engine bearing issue sparks Kia recallsKia Australia will write to all affected customers by direct mail and they are asked to they contact their nearest Kia Dealer to arrange an inspection and repair free of charge.


  1. I’m not sure you will be able to answer my query
    I bought a 2012 Kia Sportage 120000 Klm the motor just totally expired with a lot of metal noise
    I took it to my mechanic who discovered iron fillings all through the engine
    Because I know how we looked after this car (being our last car as we retired ) I took on a misson to find more about if the problem was common
    Didn’t have to go far total recall in America of the Sorrento optima @sportage with engine metal fillings problem
    Unfortunately in Australia recall Sorrento Optima BUT NOT the sportage for absolutely same problem
    I rang KIA Australia the gentleman tried to tell me that I didn’t have the correct vehicle to claim
    Sadly in America it would have made it

  2. Hope you can give me some guidance on this one. The description of the defect for the KIA Optima is exactly what happened to me last week, the car literally stopped as I was crossing a major intersection! I have a 2012 Optima which has only done 74,000 Km which is due for its 75,000 km service. The car is currently with a KIA dealership who has found that the engine has seized, again a result of the defect. I feel that KIA are going to try and get out of paying the repairs when this is clearly a result of the defect. Are you able to provide any advice if they do?

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