Eight ways to be an eco-driver

Eight ways to be an eco-driver

Simple ways to cut fuel use and emissions…

Ok, you might not be able to afford one of those fancy new hybrids or electric cars, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t be an eco-driver.

May is Eco-driving Month and that gives us all a chance to think about how we use our car and what we can do to lessen our impact on the environment.

Technology, such as apps that monitor how you use your car and the way that you drive can be of assistance.

And of course, there’s some more traditional things you can do to cut fuel use and emissions, including:

  • Use your cruise control – Minimizing speed variation saves fuel
  • Anticipate traffic signals and other road users and try to avoid bringing your vehicle to a complete stop
  • Relax – Chill out; weaving through traffic wastes fuel
  • Plan – Use Google Maps to avoid heavy traffic
  • Reduce speed – High speeds can significantly increase your fuel consumption compared to more moderate driving
  • Idling gets you ZERO kilometres per litre
  • No extra weight – Don’t use your boot for storage
  • Tyres – Keep them inflated and rotated as directed

Got any other fuel saving, or eco-driving tips? We’d love to hear them below.

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