DUO Air Freshener Range

Our Product of the Week is the DUO Air Freshener Range from Altrex

DUO Air Freshener Range

You spend many hours in your car and you want to make sure that time is as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.

One way to make car travel a much nicer experience is with a clean and fresh smelling interior.

Sure, there’s a whole array of really effective car cleaning and protective products for your interior available from our friends at Altrex Auto Accessories, but don’t forget to add a quality air freshener too!

The latest addition to the extensive Altrex catalogue is this week’s Product of the Week – the DUO Air Freshener range.

Available as either a clip-on attachment to your air-vents, or clever two-part systems, these are simply the best products available to keep your car smelling as fresh as daisies…or in this case; New Car, Vanilla, Linen Fresh, Fresh Berry or Spring Air.

The two-part DUO Air Fresheners can either sit in a cup holder, or completely out of sight under your seat…how good is that!

And best of all the pricing can’t be beaten.

The DUO Air Freshener range starts from just $5.99 and can be posted straight to your door.

Check out more details, have a look at the entire range and place your order today, all over at the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store.

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