Drivers should watch for signs of road rage

Five things to do to avoid road rage incidents

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Incidents of road rage appear to be on the increase, but how can we avoid conflicts?

The answer is to be alert to the signs of road rage before any incident occurs.

Road safety experts say that while violent incidents are still rare, being on the receiving end of someone else’s aggression is something we all want to avoid.

Taking these few easy steps could help reduce the risk of being the target of someone else’s aggression:

Keep calm and show restraint

Every journey brings the risk of frustration and conflict. Make a pledge to be patient. Avoid using your horn or making gestures in anger.

Avoid competition and resist the desire to ‘get even’

If the standard of someone else’s driving disappoints you, don’t attempt to educate or rebuke them.

Don’t push into traffic queues

If you wait and clearly signal, you won’t wait long before another drive lets you in. But they don’t like being forced into giving way.

Say thank you, say sorry

Courtesy encourages co-operation on the road. If you make a mistake (and we all do!) or perhaps cut things a bit fine, then a gesture of apology avoids confrontation and helps defuse anger.

Move away from trouble

If you feel seriously threatened by another driver, then ensure your car doors locked and drive (at legal speed) to the nearest police station or busy area (petrol station forecourts are ideal).

Use your mobile phone to alert the police. Pressing the horn repeatedly or continuously is likely to deter a potential attacker.

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