Domed Emblem Range from Altrex

Domed Emblem Range from Altrex

Product of the Week Domed Emblems from Altrex.

We all want our cars to be a little different and unique and Altrex Auto Accessories has just the trick with their range of Domed Emblems ready for your vehicle.

Whether you want to dress your car up with 4WD badges, or something a bit more creative like ‘Speed Demon’ or ‘Hi-Rider’, you’re sure to find just the badge for your set of wheels.

Altrex Auto Accessories Domed Emblems have top quality foam adhesive backing and are weather resistant. They are also easy to install and add style to any vehicle.

Priced from just $4.99, order your Domed Emblems for your car right now in the Altrex Auto Accessories online store.

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