Demon Clean Active Super Cleaner

OUR PRODUCT OF THE WEEK IS Demon Active Super Cleaner…

Demon Clean Active Super Cleaner

I think of all the many and varied car care and cleaning products that I have used; this week’s Product of the Week would have to be one of my favourites.

There aren’t many products that just do it all – they work inside and outside your car and get on with the job without and fuss.

This one does.

Available in big one litre spray bottles, CarPlan Demon Clean Active Super Cleaner is the product to have at your disposal next time you’re cleaning your vehicle.

Use it on your dashboard, door jams, sill-panels, door trims, external rubber, headlights, paintwork, glass…even your cars fabric upholstery.

It’s as simple as spray on and wipe off for a clean and dust free finish.

A remarkably good value, time saving and really likeable product, you won’t regret having a bottle of this terrific product on hand.

You can order Demon Clean Active Super Cleaner now in the Altrex Auto Accessories online store.

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