Cygnett ChargeUp Auto 12000 Review

12V jump-starter and power pack

With advancements in battery technology there are a growing number of multi-function jump starters and power banks on the market with long life and plenty of power.

Cygnett (not the baby swan variety) has released a new range of 12V jump starters capable of reviving a dead battery in a 5.0 litre petrol or 2.5 litre diesel engine from the 12,000mAh version.

But the Cygnett ChargeUp also serves as a power bank to recharge smartphones from the two USB ports, or any other manner of peripheral.

This larger battery has a capacity of 20 jump starts or 10 smartphone charges per charge.

Supplied in the carry case are of course the red and black battery clamps which are attached to a six point relay safety system providing spark proof connections, reverse polarity protection and surge protection.

The package also comes with a micro USB cable, female 12V socket, 12V car charger and a mains wall charger so all possible needs are covered.

The ChargeUp battery unit itself is solid and robust with a durable casing.

Aside from the sockets, the only other feature is the multifunction button that commences the charge, checks the remaining battery life and on a long press, turns on a handy LED torch with three settings – beam, strobe and SOS.

Simple to use and versatile the Cygnett ChargeUp Auto is an ideal gadget to have in the car, boat or bike for those little emergencies.

Priced at $199.95 for the 12,000mAh model, the ChargeUp Auto also comes in a smaller capacity 7500mAh version for $129.95 and is available from leading retailers or online from Cygnett.

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