Customer service top priority for AutoCraze

Sydney-based car personalisation business takes on the world

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Ask the guys at AutoCraze in Sydney and they’ll tell you every car has potential, but sometimes you just have to think outside the car customisation box.

In business since 2015, the initial goal of the business was a simple one – take the complexity out of buying aftermarket wheels and tyres.

How did the guys know it was a confusing process? From first-hand experience.

Being automotive enthusiasts, they’d been around to other tyre and wheel retailers over the years, and were left frustrated by poor advice and bad service.

So, it was a case of let’s get in and do it right ourselves.

Aside from simplification, customer service is also their top priority.

AutoCraze has in-house specialists who are more than happy to tailor the wheel and tyre buying experience to the customer’s needs.

That means they will take the time to make sure the sizing is correct for your vehicle, that everything fits right, and is set up correct for your car.

And they’ll make sure you’re 100% happy with the look of your new wheels too.

Another thing that sets AutoCraze apart is that they also offer very customisation options for a whole array of vehicles.

As you will see in the video below, the guys are also experts at tricking up vehicles like the Ford Ranger – and the result is just awesome.

AutoCraze pride themselves on only offering world renowned brands, as well as wheels and tyres that meet Australian Standards and are load rated.

And with over 155,000 followers on Facebook, AutoCraze is quickly building a big following of happy customers.

Check out the AutoCraze Ford Ranger customisation video…

And if you can’t make it into AutoCraze in Sydney, you can always order their products on their website.

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