How to be a more courteous driver

How to be a more courteous driver
It’s not hard to be a more courteous road user.

Five tips on how to be a safer and more courteous motorist.

How to be a more courteous driver
It’s not hard to be a more courteous road user.

According to a recent research study by GIO, a quarter of people say drivers are too selfish to put driver courtesy into practice. Furthermore, it was found that two-thirds of motorists believe there is less courtesy on the roads now compared to five years ago.

Being courteous on the road is akin to offering an elderly passenger your seat on the train and while this seems second nature to most, it can take practice.  Here are some tips on how you can be more courteous the next time you get behind the wheel.

Don’t tailgate

If you are an operator of a long vehicle, you are liable for a tailgating penalty if you fail to meet minimum distance requirements. As operators of regular vehicles there is an accepted general duty to travel at a safe distance behind another vehicle. Not only is tailgating extremely distracting for drivers, it will increase the chances of rear end collisions.

Let others drive in if they are coming from side streets

If you are in a queue of slow-moving traffic, consider letting another vehicle emerge from a side road in front of you. Not only will your drive time be unaffected, it is often the case of ‘what goes around will come around’.

Signal you’re turning with plenty of time for the person behind you

Turning on your indicators with plenty of time allows other drivers to prepare for your move, such as slowing down or changing lanes, whilst also showing them that you have acknowledged their presence. For both safety and courteous reasons, nobody likes a driver who bullies to get their right-of-way on the road.

Try to leave room for others to park

Nobody likes spending what seems like hours driving the streets trying to find a parking spot. We especially don’t like seeing VW minis in the middle of a space large enough for two HUMMERs. Be mindful of others and think about making sure that when you do park, if possible, leave enough space for someone else to be able to park too.

Leave a note if you have an accident

Accidents can happen on the road. They can even happen when there’s no one in the other car! If by accident you knock into a parked car, don’t just drive away and do a ‘runner’. Common courtesy is to acknowledge that you’ve caused damage to someone’s car by leaving a note with both your contact and car registration details.

Remember, being more courteous on the roads also sets an example for younger passengers. Like teaching good table manners, you can educate young passengers through your own actions and help turn them into future courteous drivers

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