Clear language found to be a car salespersons best friend

Clear language found to be a car salespersons best friend

A study into the most effective ways to communicate with potential car buyers has found car salespeople should use clear language and help guide customers along their purchasing experience.

Clear language found to be a car salespersons best friendCDK Global tell us their research, which looked primarily at email responses from car dealers, has indicated that words have meaning for car shoppers and they believe they have identified those words that resonate most, and the least.

Jason Kessler, data scientist at CDK, says the results were quite surprising.

“People tend to assume that positive words like ‘love’ and ‘amazing’ will be the most persuasive to potential car shoppers,”

“Our research found the opposite and proved that dealers who used proactive language articulating clear next steps for action in their email were the highest closers.

“Car shoppers need to be guided through the car sales process and the research supported using language to help them on their journey.”

The study revealed that phrases like “give me a” and “feel free to” were less effective because they put the onus on the customer to act.

More effective words included “provide,” particularly when being used in the context of sharing information.

While car industry jargon, such as “body style” and “options” were found to not be persuasive when used to answer shopper questions.

“This research is exciting because it is so actionable,” continued Kessler.

“By focusing on communication styles that shoppers prefer, dealerships can improve their effectiveness and sell more cars.”

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