Clean and shiny…our Car Wash Tips

Get the best possible results with these easy steps

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Don’t spend big dollars getting someone else to wash your car, or risk damage with a drive-thru car wash, do it yourself and get even better results.

You’ll get those great results if you follow these simple steps…

  1. Use a proper car shampoo, NOT washing up liquid.
  2. Fill a bucket with hot water and don’t overdo the shampoo – too much and you’ll have lots of streaks.
  3. Use a hose with a trigger spray attachment to wet the body all over first, to soften the dirt, then plunge in with the sponge.
  4. Use a good quality car wash sponge – and two makes life even easier, one in the bucket soaking while you scrub away with the other.
  5. Start with the roof and end with the wheels, then rinse off.
  6. Use a leather or microfibre chamois to dry it.
  7. Finally, get a cloth, open the doors, wipe the sills and door shut areas and enjoy the feeling as you look at your gleaming pride.

And remember, while your car will invariably get dirty again, you’ve had a great workout!

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