Clean air filters protect car engines

Clean air filters protect car engines

Advice for Australian motorists on air filters.

Clean air filters protect car engines

Clean air filters protect car engines – Ryco warns a dirty air filter can lead to serious engine damage.

Just like people, our cars need to breathe good, clean air and that means making sure your engine is always fitted with a good quality air filter that’s in top shape.

A blocked up car air filter will prevent clean air from getting to your engine and an engine that is being starved of clean air won’t run as smooth and efficiently as it was designed to. That means more fuel use and less power.

But a dirty car air filter can also lead to serious engine damage, particularly for cars on Australian roads.

Melissa Simpson from Ryco Air Filters Australia says a dirty air filter can let abrasive and potentially damaging contaminates into your engine and she says the problem is particularly prevalent in Australian conditions.

“Most dust in Australia in particular is made up of silica-based particles considered one of the most abrasive substances in these dry conditions.”

Regular replacement of your air filter should be done according to your vehicle manufacturer’s guide lines however more regular attention should be implemented if you drive regularly in harsh and dusty conditions.

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