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Buy a Mitsubishi at the shops!

July 20, 2017 Kate Richards

New car sales experience in Geelong There’s certainly been a push towards alternate car sales strategies in recent times, especially finding ways of getting the cars more conventionally to the people. What better way than […]

SUV mania tipped to continue

July 12, 2017 Kate Richards

SUV owners going back for more As we know there’s been a big shift away from traditional passenger cars, i.e. hatchbacks, sedans and wagons, in recent years with SUVs and crossovers (CUVs) now being the […]

Alpina comes to BMW Sydney

July 11, 2017 Kate Richards

BMW Alpina gets Sydney presence There are some pretty amazing BMW vehicles available in 2017, then there’s the Alpina models that are another step ahead again. Since Alpina returned to Australia last year, only Melbourne-based […]

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