CarSmart Flexi Brush

Our Product of the Week is the CarSmart Flexi Brush

CarSmart Flexi Brush

If you’re cleaning all of your vehicle with just a sponge, you are either using your sponge incorrectly, or missing important bits that need some soap and a scrub.

We’re talking areas like inside your cars door jams and sills, 4×4 side steps, bull-bars, or how about if you own a ute? You definitely don’t want to use your sponge on or in your tray!

Remember, if you get dirt and grit in your sponge, then use it on your paint, well…you know what that means.

That’s where this week’s Behind the Wheel Product of the Week comes in very handy.

The CarSmart Flexi Brush allows you to get in and get clean places that your sponge should never go!

And, with its flexible bristles you can get into the tight spots without a fuss.

It also works really well on bumpers and plastic wheel covers too.

Add the CarSmart Flexi Brush to your vehicle cleaning arsenal today, you can order it right now in the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $4.99.

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