CarSmart Dip & Wash Brush

Our Product of the Week is the CarSmart Dip & Wash Brush…

CarSmart Dip & Wash Brush

Not all vehicle cleaning applications can be handled with just a sponge.

Often, especially with vehicles like trucks, utes, caravans and 4x4s, a regular car wash sponge just won’t get to the places you need it to.

That’s where you need some extra reach and you can certainly get that with the Product of the Week – the CarSmart Dip & Wash Brush.

Available to order right now from the Online Store at, this product features soft split -tip bristles that won’t scratch your vehicles paint, chrome-work or fibre-glass.

The CarSmart Dip & Wash Brush Safe can be added to your vehicle cleaning arsenal for just $12.99.

Order yours from Altrex Auto Accessories now and it can be posted straight to your door.

Make vehicle cleaning a breeze with this week’s Behind the Wheel Product of the Week!

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