CarSmart Car Wash Brush Review

CarSmart Car Wash Brush Review

Joel Helmes checks out an on-hose car wash brush.

CarSmart Car Wash Brush Review
CarSmart Car Wash Brush Review.

I’ve only ever used a sponge to wash a car so graduating up to a brush was a new experience.

The CarSmart car wash brush is a popular choice among Australian car owners and with soft bristles and the ability to plug the hose straight into it I thought I would check it out.

Interestingly, there are no instructions on the package as to how best to use it, so I made it up on the run…

CarSmart Car Wash Brush Review
After hosing off the vehicle I attached the hose and put some CarPlan Demon Wash directly on the bristles.
CarSmart Car Wash Brush Review
With lots of suds and a constant stream of water coming through the brush it was easy and quick going over the vehicle.

The end result was a very clean car! The bristles on the brush are just perfect, soft enough not to scratch and yet the brush easily removed bird droppings with very little effort.

The bristles also get into places that a sponge simply wouldn’t be able to reach!

I can’t see myself going back to the sponge any time soon.

The CarSmart Car Wash Brush is available to purchase on the Altrex website and at auto accessory retailers everywhere.

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