CarSmart Bug Sponge

A very handy product of the week

carsmart bug sponge

This week’s Car Product of the Week is the CarSmart Bug Sponge. Actually, we should expand that beyond just being a car product as this is one that is a must-have for owners of 4x4s, buses, trucks, and vans too.

Why? because as we come into the warmer months, bug activity increases and that means the front of your vehicle is going to be a resting place for potentially thousands and thousands of bugs.

These splattered deposits can damage your paintwork, so you need to get them off ASAP (especially before they get ‘baked on’).

But here’s where the Product of the Week proves its worth – it won’t scratch your paint.

We’ve seen people use regular washing-up sponges (the scourer side) on their car and while these prove very effective – they also literally scratch your paint!

We used the CarSmart Bug Sponge in our recent One Day Car Restoration project.

So, don’t go to the sink for a sponge to get rid of dead bugs, go to the Altrex Online Store instead.

For just $3.99 you can add the effective, gentle, easy to use, and good quality CarSmart Bug Sponge Power Scrub.

It’s the way to go and won’t cause you more headaches from the bug removal procedure!

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