CarSmart Blade Dryer Review

CarSmart Blade Dryer Review

We check out a car wash time saver – the CarSmart Blade Dryer…

Why didn’t I think of that? That was the first thought that came to mind when I set my eyes on the CarSmart Blade Dryer.

A simple device, the Blade Dryer is essentially a handle with a silicon blade that you use to dry your car after you have given it a wash.

CarSmart Blade Dryer Review
You simply push the water straight off!

I was very impressed by the flexibility of the silicon blade, this made the CarSmart Blade Dryer effective on even curved and uneven surfaces.

Summing it up: This is a remarkably useful device to have. The Blade Dryer allows you to quickly move around your vehicle removing the bulk of the water that’s left behind after a wash.

A simple wipe over any remaining wet patches with a chamois and your job is done.

CarSmart Blade Dryer Review
As you can see, literally no water is left behind.

Best of all, by getting the water off quickly and before it gets a chance to dry, there’s less chance of any dirt being left behind.

With a recommended retail price of less than $10.00, I would absolutely recommend a CarSmart Blade Dryer for your car wash kit!

The CarSmart Blade Dryer is available from auto accessory retailers and on the Altrex on-line store.

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