CarPlan Ultra Wheel Cleaner

Keep your alloys shiny and clean with this great product

carplan ultra wheel cleaner

This week’s Car Product of the Week is CarPlan Ultra Wheel Cleaner.

Today’s cars are more efficient, easier to drive and a whole lot safer than they used to be – but conversely, they’re actually harder to keep clean in one particular area.

The area that requires more care and attention is the wheels.

Just about every new car sold in recent years has come with shiny alloy wheels, and where once the wheels were just the things that the car rolled along on, now they’re an important design feature too.

And the biggest issue around these alloy wheels, and another element that really only kicks in with modern cars, is the amount of brake dust that is given off from your pads.

This is particularly prevalent with European cars, and of course very few cars today have only disc brakes up front.

So keeping your wheels clean and shiny is something that requires a little time and attention, and the best tools for the job.

We recommend investing in our latest Product of the Week – CarPlan Ultra Wheel Cleaner.

Available in a large 500ml spray bottle, this quality CarPlan product will help you remove baked on brake dust and road grime in quick time.

Boasting a powerful formula that really cuts through, you may not have to even scrub your wheels to get them clean.

Order CarPlan Ultra Wheel Cleaner now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $9.99 and before you know it your cars clean wheels will be the envy of your friends.

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