CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax

CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax.

Castrol famously told us that “Oils ain’t Oils” and that’s exactly the same situation when it comes to car wash.

Sure, every car wash, even the cheapest products available, with the help of water will remove dirt and grime.

But car wash goes beyond simply helping the water wash away the dirt and that’s why you need to make sure that you always use a quality car wash on your vehicle.

Did you know that cheap car wash can sometimes even contain ingredients that encourage rust to form? Same can be said about using dishwashing and other liquid soaps found around the home.

Not only that, cheap car wash might look alright when the cars wet, chamois it off and you’ll most likely find residue and streaks, we think the dirt looks better! Then you also need to give your car another treatment like a wax and that’s all just too time consuming.

Your car is your second biggest investment and that’s why we use and recommend a real quality wash and wax, this week’s Car Product of the Week – CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax.

Available in one litre and five litre bottles from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store, CarPlan Ultra Wash and Wax removes dirt and road grime quickly and effectively from car paintwork, whilst adding a protective wax layer.

And unlike those cheaper alternatives, the advanced formula leaves a streak free showroom shine.

Give it a go, we reckon you’ll be impressed!

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