CarPlan Ultra Multi Purpose Cleaner

carplan ultra multi purpose cleaner

When you’re washing and cleaning your car you want to use the best possible products.

Why? Because the best possible products not only make the job easier for you, the end result is always more satisfying.

CarPlan made their famous name in the industry on the back of quality products, not cutting corners.

Another of their products that always impresses us is Ultra Multi Purpose Cleaner.

You might be tempted to grab a household cleaner when taking on dirt and grime on your cars interior, particularly dashboard, door trims and sill panels, however you need to be careful.

These cleaners could have ingredients that harm your vehicles interior surfaces.

And, to be honest, they just don’t work as well as a quality, car-specific, all purpose cleaner.

CarPlan Ultra Multi Purpose Cleaner is THE car cleaner to have on hand – your car deserves nothing less.

Order a 500ml Ultra Multi Purpose Cleaner spray bottle now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store now for just $8.99.

Give it a go, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed in this quality product.

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