CarPlan Ultra Glass Polish

CarPlan Ultra Glass Polish

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Ultra Glass Polish.

Have you noticed after a while that car windows start taking on a bit of a course feeling, especially on the outside of cars?

Just think, your car glass is exposed to all the same elements as your car’s paintwork, so it should come as no surprise that your glass is also going to need a polish after a certain amount of time.

If glass cleaner just isn’t getting your car glass clean and clear then glass polish is what you need.

You don’t need to have less than crystal clear and smooth glass, you just need to use the right product to bring it back to that lovely new condition.

We recommend our Car Product of the Week, CarPlan Ultra Glass Polish.

The perfect addition to your car care arsenal, Ultra Glass Polish is easy to use and rejuvenates the appearance of all types of interior and exterior glass, leaving nothing but a highly polished finish.

Order a 500ml bottle of CarPlan Ultra Glass Polish from the Altrex Auto Accessories Store now for only $10.99.

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