CarPlan Tar Remover Review

CarPlan Tar Remover Review

Simon Lai reviews a tar removing product from CarPlan.

CarPlan Tar Remover Review
Application is simple and easy. Just rub it on with a soft cloth and voilà the mark is gone. Just wipe off any residue after that.

Ever been through a new section of road, or a freshly filled pothole, and got a nice splashing of black, sticky tar on your cars paintwork?

I know I have and I also know removing that tar can be quite a challenge!

But CarPlan does have a product for this which is also good for other spots and stains caused by nature and the elements.

Designed to help get those spots and stains that don’t budge during a normal car wash, CarPlan Tar Remover is simple and easy to use…

CarPlan Tar Remover Review
These before and after shots show any sticky substance on your paint can be removed with a minimum of fuss.

CarPlan Tar Remover is available from leading auto accessory stores, or you can order a bottle now directly from the Altrex Auto Accessories on-line store for just $8.99.

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