CarPlan Soft Top Connoisseur

CarPlan Soft Top Connoisseur

Our Product of the Week is CarPlan Soft Top Connoisseur.

When it comes to convertible car soft tops it’s a case of once it’s gone, it’s gone and in Australia’s harsh climate that can be a lot sooner than you might anticipate.

A replacement soft top for a convertible car can run to thousands of dollars, not to mention all the trouble of having to get it replaced and the damage that a deteriorated soft top could do to your interior over time should any moisture be allowed to penetrate through to your cars cabin.

The best idea is to protect your soft top, restore it and keep it in top shape and we recommend this week’s Product of the Week for the job – CarPlan Soft Top Connoisseur.

This kit from Altrex Auto Accessories, cleans, protects and restores soft tops, all without too much time or effort from you.

Order your CarPlan Soft Top Connoisseur kit now and get all the products required to bring your soft top back to ‘like new’ condition and keep it that way too.

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