CarPlan Screen Clean

This week’s Product of the Week takes care of things inside and out

carplan screen clean

The first step towards being safe on the roads is to make sure you can see what’s going on around you – that’s exactly what CarPlan Screen Clean will do for you.

There are very few products, be it car, personal, or home, that do more than one thing.

Your microwave only heats, your fridge only cools, and your car’s tyres just provide grip on the roads…but CarPlan Screen Clean actually works both inside and outside your vehicle!

This quality CarPlan product contains special agents that work quickly to dissolve grease, grime and bugs off the outside of your windscreen (and should be used in conjunction with CarPlan Screen Wash).

But, this isn’t just a product for the exterior of your car, it also does a fantastic job on the inside of your windows.

Those special agents that cut through the gunk on the outside of your glass, also work wonders on the inside – quickly disposing of tobacco haze and other dirt, leaving a polished, streak free finish.

Oh, and CarPlan Screen Clean even goes further than that – it also contains an anti-mist formula and that will help keep your glass clean on those cold mornings, or if you live in tropical areas with high humidity.

This great product is available from auto parts stores across Australia (don’t accept imitators), or order a 750ml Trigger spray now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $9.99 and it will be posted your door!

A clean screen is a safety and convenience must…ensure you have it always with this week’s Behind the Wheel Car Product of the Week.

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